I've been agonizing over a decision lately.  It's not a life or death thing....just something that could change the way my life looks and the way I spend my time.  Is this good for me?  For my family?  Is this what He wants for me?

I've been praying and reading and taking every opportunity to sit quietly and just LISTEN...but the answers I get are not the clear "Do It" or "Don't Do It" that I long to hear.

Well, I'll just quit being so elusive - I'm trying to decide if I want to step into another business.  I'll still be doing photography, that's for sure.  This is something that I'd do in addition to my daily stuff and photography.  It involves a product that I'm really excited about....which was developed by people with a strong track record for success...which I believe can be a blessing to people...and to top it off, it's brand spankin' new to my city.  I think this could be the financial opportunity of a lifetime (imagine if you were one of the first people to bring Mary Kay or Scentsy or Tupperware to your area - you'd be a happy camper right now!).

I WANT it.

But not if He doesn't want it.

I've heard three little whispers from Heaven, and they're tumbling around in my brain while I try to fit them together in the form of a solid answer.

The first is 2 Corinthians 9:6 "Remember this: Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously."

The second was in the form of my own recent words to my child.  Clara had three pieces of candy in her hand, and she was trying to figure out which piece to have as a treat.  "Mommy, these are the pieces I'm trying to choose between, but I can't!  Which one should I have?  They all look so good, I just don't know which one to have!"

"Well, sweetie, it's completely up to you.  They all look yummy, and I'm sure you'll enjoy whichever piece you choose."

"But which is the RIGHT choice?  Tell me which one I should have!"

"It's up to you, Clara.  You choose whichever one looks best to you."

His answer spoke gently into my heart:  "Yes....exactly."

And finally - the sweetest answer...or reminder...I've had yet.  It came as I clicked through the archives of my own blog (something I never do).  I stumbled across THIS post, and was reminded that He'll love me no matter what...that I'm the apple of His eye.

I should sow generously.
     The choice is mine to make.
          He loves me like crazy.

Can't I just please get a "Yes" or a "No"?

andreawilliams  – (11/28/2010 07:07:00 PM)  

praying for an answer for you!!! He is so wonderful and amazing so I am sure your new journey will be blessed.

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