Hey Hey, Ha Ha & Hoo Hoo

Isn't this the sweetest picture of my baby and my Dad?  Dad was helping Thomas pull the string on the little poppers the kids enjoyed on the 4th of July.  I love the looks on both their faces!

By the way - Thomas Robert is named after his Papa.  I hope he grows to be as good a man as my Dad.

Thomas has been talking more and more lately.  He was very slow to get started, but he's really taking off now.  It's so fun to know a bit more about what's going on in his sweet little head...like lots of "NO", "MINE", and "ME DO".  The kid knows what he likes.

My favorite expression so far is "You ooo, Mama."  I had snuggled up to him and was nuzzling his soft little neck, and I whispered "I love you Thomas.  Mama loves you so much."  And his response..."You ooo, Mama" almost brought me to tears.  "You love me too?"  "Yeah", with a big squeeze around the neck and a puckered kiss on the cheek.

This mama job is tough...but so wonderful.

He's also assigned some fun names to his little lovies.  It started with a stuffed monkey.  He'd curl his arm and hand over his head and say "Ha Ha Ha" like a monkey does.  Eventually, the monkey just became "Ha Ha."

Then he took kindly to a pillow with a picture of a train on it.  Since he likes to name things by the sound they make, the train pillow became his "Hoo Hoo".

And then, the mystery name.  Or maybe Thomas just likes the letter H, I don't know.  But a little stuffed Bob the Builder doll?  You guessed it, "Hey Hey".  Don't ask me.

So bed time around her is interesting for my little boy.  He gets all tucked in, but not before he has his whole crew of snugglies.

"Hey Hey!"
"Ha Ha!"
"Hoo Hoo!"
"Night Night."

Now that he's tucked in for his afternoon nap (which we've started up again since no name = monster boy), I'm off to dump some toxic poison on my backyard.  My little Thomas was playing in the grass, and walked through some clover.  Bees love clover.  Bees don't like getting stepped on much...no matter how soft and squishy and tender the foot is.  Thomas got stung, and this mama bear is going to do something about it.  I might kill the clover.  I might kill some bees.  I don't know...but somethin' is gonna pay! ;-)

Stay At Home Mom  – (7/26/2010 12:33:00 AM)  

What a touching post! These are the times when kids learn so much,and sadly it only lasts for such a short time. I love the baby talk too, and it's amazing that despite their limited speech, they'd still be able to convey how much they love you. I'm so with you on the bees paying for the sting! lol!

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