Samantha Ruth ~ 4 Years Old

Oh, my sweet Sammy...Happy Birthday! You are four years old today, and simply put, you are a little bundle of wonderful walking around on 2 legs. I adore you.

You an incredible blessing to Daddy and me, Samantha. You truly feel like a gift straight from heaven. You are sweet and kind. You are creative and funny. You are thoughtful and loving.

It feels a bit like these past 4 years snuck up on me! It seems like just yesterday that I was commenting on how peaceful and gentle you were, even while still in my tummy! You rolled and kicked quietly, almost as if you didn't want to disturb me. Except when the worship music at church got going...then you would almost knock the wind out of me with all the rockin' out you were doing in there!

You are a wonder. You love (LOVE) books. You love to pretend. You love music (still!). You enjoy painting and drawing and play dough. It makes me impossibly happy that you love to spend time with you Mommy too! If we could sit and read books, make cookies, clean the house, and wash dishes together all day...that might be your perfect day. With Spaghettios and meatballs for lunch :-)

There has never been a day in your life that you have been unloved. As long as I live, there never WILL be a day like that. I love the smell of your sweet warm neck in the morning as you wrap your soft and gentle arms around my neck for a good morning hug. I love the silky blonde curls that cascade down your back. I love that even when you're trying to be grumpy, those dimples always give you away. I love that all of your artwork is filled with love and hugs and joy. I love your sweet little voice when you whisper, "I have a secret for you, Mama."

A vital part of my fragile heart resides within you, my precious daughter. Grow strong and good. Grow happy and joyful. Grow to be nothing less and nothing more than YOU.

And, um, if you could manage to do all of that while living within a 10 mile radius of me, I'd surely appreciate it!

Happy Birthday, sweetie. Happy every day.


Meeting your big sister for the first time (still in the delivery room!):

Meeting your big brother for the first time:

There was never any question about if you'd have dimples!:

Your brothers and sister love you so much!

You always loved bath time:

Your first Easter, 2006:

Your first swimming suit:

My beautiful baby girl:

Snuggling with Daddy:

You scared us half to death when you had ITP:

Silly 2 year old Sammy smiles:

You're a big sister!

"Feeding" your baby the way you saw Mama feeding her baby:


Your first day of preschool:

You always have a smile...I love your laugh :-)

Sweet little lady:

Kirsty  – (11/14/2009 08:03:00 AM)  

Oh my gosh she is the cutest little girl!!! What a beautiful tribute you have written to her. Happy birthday Sammy!! I don't know you but I can tell how loved and loveable you are.

Rachel Beran  – (11/14/2009 08:15:00 AM)  

She looks so much like her mama! :) She will love looking at this tribute one day when she is older.

Craig and Bethany  – (11/15/2009 12:04:00 PM)  

Oh, I've got tears in my eyes. What a precious darling. Your love is an ocean, the sky and horizon of the world, the first glimpse of God's love.

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