God's Abundance

I learn something new about God every year...from my garden.

I put a few seeds in some dirt.  Add some water from time to time.  I don't worry.  Or fret.  Or stand by and watch.  Or dream about the seeds.  Or ask myself "how will this turn out?" or "what if there's not enough?"  

I simply sit by and wait.  I enjoy the sunshine as it warms and ripens the fruit that miraculously appeared.  I breathe the smell of the tomato plants deep into my lungs.  I wonder at the incredible size and weight of the plant...almost as tall as me when they were mere seeds just a couple of months ago!

And then, joy upon joy, I gather.  And each year, God provides more abundance than I could have even dreamed of.  It makes me glad that I don't get to decide how much the plant produces...I'd have far fewer tomatoes than I do now.

Today, I'll make the THIRD giant batch of salsa for the summer .  My fridge and freezer are full to overflowing.  

Not to mention my heart and soul...God is so sweet and good to me.

Sharon  – (9/17/2009 01:53:00 PM)  

I'm so JEALOUS! We lost every single one of our tomatos to the blight that hit the NorthEast. We didn't get even a nibble. My freezer is almost empty :-(

Such a bummer! But yours look delicious!!

Lisa  – (9/17/2009 03:23:00 PM)  

Ok. Your invitation to come out better still be on the table...because homemade salsa sounds soooooooo yummy right now!!:-)

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