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Here's today's Fix it Friday photo from I ♥ faces.  

It's a sweet image.  I was conflicted about what do do with the hands - leave them or no?  I'm all for documenting the entire child...I LOVE little fingers and toes and ringlets and earlobes.  But in this image, I kept finding myself wondering "WHAT is she doing with her hands?"  For that reason, I decided to crop them out this time.  It was just too distracting for me.

So I focused in on the face - took out a little fuzzy here and there, removed the green/blue rainbow from across her forehead and hairline, and brightened up the eyes and teeth a bit.  As usual, I did most of the work in Lightroom, with just a few finishing touches in PS Elements.

Now go check out what the other contributors did! (that's half the fun, you know)

Kimberly  – (9/18/2009 10:38:00 PM)  

Lovely pic...

My first thought is that she's doing Itsy Bitsy Spider.

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