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School snuck up on us this year.  I'm usually a great planner and organizer, but this year I was literally dashing to Kohl's to find a first day of school outfit for Ben and Clara at 6:30 SUNDAY NIGHT!  It was a bit frantic...but I got some really great bargains on the remaining summer stuff they had.

We packed lunches for the first day - mostly just wanting to try out the new lunch boxes, I suspect.  I don't mind.  Packed lunch gives me an opportunity to sneak something sweet into their lunch box with a "I ♥ you" note.  Won't be long before they're too cool for that.

Everyone got in on the back-to-school action.

It's nice when they have something so special, that they want to keep it in the box for safe-keeping.  How are my kids' feet this big?!

It was a special day, so we of COURSE had to put the hair up in rollers.  She feels so special and beautiful with golden curls.  I wish I could bottle that feeling for her and douse her with it when she's about 14 and awkward.

I'm no stranger to sleeping on those foamy pink rollers...

We tried to get every detail ready for the big day - clothes, lunches, prayers.  Good to go.

Finally, ready to go.  Clara was be-boppin' around the house al morning, but Ben reported feeling "a little sad".  He's my tender-hearted little guy.  Change is harder for him.

Motherhood is such a strange thing, don't you think.  I want to encourage them, help them grow and learn...to go out into the world and let those wonderful little lights shine.  And I want them to do all of that from the safety and comfort of my warm lap and secure arms. 
Push, pull.  Encourage, hold tight.  Say a prayer and trust.  Cry.  Smile.

They always INSIST on getting a picture of their backpacks :)

I love our neighborhood - so packed with kids and life and energy.  I was surprised to see how many kids were at the bus stop though (and even more surprised when I counted 18 kids at our stop this morning...and ours is only one of several stops in this neighborhood!).  

Sammy keeps asking when she gets to go to Ben and Clara's school.  My reply, "too soon".

Yes (ahem), I climbed ON the bus for a picture.  Sue me.

I can remember one of Ben's first sentences as a little guy.  He said words like "bus", "truck", "go"...typical little boy stuff.  His word for big was "woah-woah".  One day we were driving down the road and he perked up and said "When I woah-woah, I on da BUS!"

Well, here's my first born.  All woah-woah, and on da bus.  Time flies.

Clara is a bit less sentimental.  She's already looking down the road wondering when the darn bus is going to start moving.

I drove to school to meet the kids as they came off the bus so I could help them find their classrooms and get settled in.  

We got all the school supplies out and organized.

Check out this note Clara's teacher left on her desk for parents - holy tear-jerker.

It was an unusually quiet and peaceful day of reflection for me.

How are my kids so old?  How am I so old?

Sure, I clean and it stays relatively neat now...but wouldn't I rather hear them giggling with their friends as play dough is flung around the table?

The windows are sparkling, but wouldn't I rather have smudges?

The kitchen is quiet, but wouldn't I rather hear "Mooom, I'm HUUUUNGRY!" for the 15th time?

I realize now more than ever, that these children do not belong to me.  They are God's and He has His plans for them.  I'm just thankful that I get to play a part.

I'm off now to eat a peaceful breakfast while my two littlest ones watch Dora and snuggle on the couch.  Wouldn't I rather hear some bickering or hair pulling?  Maybe I'll miss a big kid begging for candy or a popsicle?

Um, no ;-)

Jessica  – (9/01/2009 10:38:00 AM)  

Daiquiri - I love how you take every opportunity to:
1. Be a great mommy, and
2. Take a great picture.

What a great note from Clara's teacher...I wish she had been one of my kid's teachers, then maybe my nerves wouldn't have been so frayed when I dropped them off for their first day.

Side note: Abby's kindergarten teacher was a girl I went to high school with...she was notoriously ditzy, but the best kindergarten teacher ever! Good times. Now Abby's a sophomore...with a boyfriend! Every age, every stage. It's all good, huh?

Anonymous –   – (9/01/2009 11:47:00 AM)  

It's completely amazing to see them so big, that their feet actually touch the ground when they sit on that loveseat...I remember holding Clara as she fell asleep on my lap as a baby. I know life goes on but when you put it in perspective like that it's a bigger pill to swallow...and I'm not their mom!
I don't know if they still remember me, but give them big hugs from Esha =)

Unknown  – (9/01/2009 07:13:00 PM)  

What a great day! Love the curlers and the result.

Lisa  – (9/01/2009 07:55:00 PM)  

You are supermom! What kind of rockin' cape you must have!!!:-)

I love the photos and the documentation of their day!

How does your house feel with 1/2 your troop gone?

Sally Jo  – (9/01/2009 08:04:00 PM)  

Great blog Daquiari. I sure missed not being there this year and last. Never again! I don't know why this day means so much to me. (It feels like I missed Christmas) I guess because I never got to enjoy it with my kids. Their first day was also my first day. I was always so torn. I really enjoy your kids when I am at Becky's. Happy School year! Sally

Angelita  – (9/02/2009 12:57:00 AM)  

Hi Daiquiri,

That was so sweet of you. What a wondelful ones you have, kids are growing up so fast, so much to catch up, but you still have time to caught it to cam. I admire you.

Sharon  – (9/02/2009 09:00:00 AM)  

How well I remember putting my hair up in "socks" to make it all curly... Don't you feel like a princess with those luxurious locks!

The photos are beautiful and it seems like the day was a great one. But I'm already dreading when it's my turn!

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