Recipe: Cranberry Chicken

I got this recipe from my friend, Becky.  It's become a family favorite around here, and it's SUPER easy and fast to make.

Here's what you'll need:
1.  chicken
2.  french dressing - one bottle
3.  dry onion soup mix - one packet
4.  canned cranberries - I like the whole cranberries best, but the jellied makes a smoother sauce that the kids prefer.

- Toss 3-4 frozen or fresh (I always do frozen) chicken breasts into an oven safe pan.
- Combine all the other three ingredients in a bowl and stir until combined
- Pour mixture over chicken
- Bake in a 350 oven until the chicken is cooked through (takes around an hour and 15 minutes for frozen chicken)
-  You can leave the chicken in large pieces, but I like to chop it into roughly 1" squares for easier serving.
-  Serve with parmesan couscous and veggies.  
- Watch in amazement as your normally picky eaters gobble this up!

*If I'm in a hurry because I didn't start dinner until 5 (which hardly EVER happens, ahem), I'll turn the oven up to 375, and it works just fine.

Craig and Bethany  – (8/26/2009 03:11:00 PM)  

GREAT idea! I'm totally going to steal it. :)

Leigha  – (8/26/2009 04:59:00 PM)  

We're all waiting for chapter 2 of your story!! :)

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