Craft Idea: Recycle Fabric

I cleaned out the kids' closets a few days ago - had them try things on so I could know what we still need for this school year.  The stuff that didn't fit and was still in good shape, I set aside for my little ones.  The stuff that didn't fit and was stained or had holes, I brought to my craft room.

I spent about an hour cutting the largest possible sections of fabric from those worn out pants.  Jeans, corduroy, cotton, knits - such great fabric.  Before I knew it, this purse/bag was an idea in my mind's eye: 

For the past 3 days, the housework and makeup have seriously suffered!  This project was SO fun, and now I have a new purse!'s bigger than a purse and smaller than a suitcase.  So what does that make it?  A bag?  

I spent less than $5 at JoAnn's to buy these magnetic snaps and a purse zipper, but otherwise I didn't spend a dime - it was all fabric that I had.

I'm such a bag junkie, it was fun to design my own.  Pockets, pockets galore!  I especially love the inside zipper section for the stuff that I want to be extra secure.

This was my first bag, but I think there will be more.  I'm thinking my next bag will be a custom camera bag - sort of my very own "shoot sac".  I might even spring for some fabrics that I REALLY love, instead of limiting myself to the stuff I have on hand.  There's some super cute fabrics out there these days - this project would look a bit less old-lady-bag-ish with some funky fabrics.

What sorts of left-over fabrics do you have lying around?  Why not try making yourself a new bag?

Stuff I used and don't think I could have done without for this project:
-  invisible quilter's thread
- walking foot for my machine
- iron and ironing board
- stick-on fabric stabilizer 
- rotary cutter with cutting mat and ruler
- sewing "gloves" - they're lightweight gloves with an almost sticky fingertips - really makes it easy to handle and move fabric without having to work so hard (really came to love sewing more after finding these gems!)

Rachel Beran  – (8/27/2009 04:15:00 PM)  

You are just so creative and crafty!!! Is there anything you can't do?!?! :) Great idea!

maggie –   – (8/28/2009 06:08:00 PM)  

Get yourself on the mailing list for JoAnn's Fabrics and Michael's. they do offer coupons for 40 - 50% off stuff. You could probably do it online. Nice bag.

Irene  – (8/28/2009 07:19:00 PM)  

What a clever and beautiful idea! Well done!

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