Homemade French Bread

We're having a blast with my hubby's brothers and their families here this week.  At times, it's been chaotic and loud and stressful....but not nearly as often as it's been pure joy to see our children playing and giggling together, and just flat out FUN chatting and laughing in to the night with these wonderful people who I call "family".  Truly - this is the stuff that memories are made of!

One night, I decided to keep it simple and just make spaghetti for dinner.  My mom makes a mean homemade spaghetti sauce, and that's what was on my menu (I'll see if she minds me sharing that recipe with you).  To my dismay, I realized that I had everything I needed for dinner...except the french bread.

No problem...I'll just make some!  Ahem - so much for my simple dinner plans!  I had no idea how time consuming it was to make bread.

As it turns out though, I also had no idea how FUN it would be (and how lousy the store-bought stuff is by comparison!).

Look at those beautiful loaves of crusty french bread!  I MADE those! Yahoo!  Felt like a major miracle :-)

I lucked out with the recipe, I think. I sat down and Googled "french bread recipe", and landed HERE.  Click on over, grab the recipe, and try it yourself.  You won't be disappointed!

Hilty Sprouts  – (8/14/2009 11:50:00 PM)  

That looks SO good! Sure beats hospital food!


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