Worthy - No Matter What

Life happens, and sometimes it ain't pretty.  

Personally, when I face struggles and pain, one of my first responses always seems to be "Where are you God?"  "Don't you love me?"  "Why are you letting this happen to me?"

Embarrassing and immature, but true.

It seems sometimes that even a stubbed toe can turn into a crisis of faith for me if I let my thoughts and doubts and fears run amuck.  Truly, we are called to take control of our thoughts to the submission of His truth for a good reason.

But it's hard for me.  Is it for you?  I so easily and quickly fall into a way of thinking...as if he didn't shed is very own blood for ME.  What else do I want?  Need?  Nothing, really.

A very wise and good and honest-when-I-really-need-it friend put me in my place once.  I was once crying about my latest disappointment, and she lovingly and gently said something like, "Daiquiri, the best thing to do when in the midst of suffering is to praise Him.  No matter our suffering in this life, He saved us...and for that He is worthy of our praise."

Whew.  Somewhere in my head and heart I knew that...but I sure needed the reminder.  I promised myself that I'd praise through my next time of suffering, no matter how big or small.

It can be overwhelming sometimes.  

And sometimes, at the end of a tough day, it seems that my only comfort is that someday my suffering will be over.  Totally and completely over.  I'm going to Heaven.  I am 100% confident that I will go to Heaven after this life.

Some would call me arrogant or cocky for saying that with such confidence.  But hear this, friends....I'm confident not in myself, but in HIM.  He is capable.  He is sufficient.  He is willing and able to do what He promises....and he promises that I will be saved.  My future is very bright, but it has zero to do with me or my efforts.  

My future is bright because He saved me.  And for that, He is worthy of my praise...no matter what.

Unknown  – (7/13/2009 03:55:00 PM)  

Great post!

Do I have the same questions and mind troubles? Absolutely.

Lelia Chealey  – (7/15/2009 08:28:00 PM)  

I found you through Blogher...so glad I did. I'll definitely be back for more readings.
This post really hit me as I've been going through stuff and have really been struggling. Thank you for this.

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