It Was An Excellent Art Show

....But a really awful art sale.

Good thing I had so much fun, or I'd really be grumpy right now.

I framed my 4 favorite pieces, had lots of note cards, and a couple of baskets of prints.  I also had my portrait portfolio and business cards for people to check out.  Sent lots of folks home with my card...not so many with actual prints.

Whew.  I'm fried.  My body, my mind, my hopes, and most definitely my bank account...all drained.

The manager of the hosting bookstore offered to take a few of my pieces on consignment though - it will be interesting to see if they sell or not.

I did have lots of fun, despite very little traffic.  I met some neat people, saw some great stuff that the other vendors had, and had the grill's tri tip wrap for die for.  It was a disappointing, but very nice day.  At least I was in good company - it was slow for everyone.  Some even packed up and left early.

I woke up this morning and clicked on over to one of my favorite sites.  And the photo in the article I read was so...fitting.  Made me laugh out loud!  Here it is.  

I promised pictures from the show.  I meant to shoot the entire event, but got distracted by all the sitting around and chewing ice I had to get done.  I only snapped a few shots right after I got set up:

PS.  Thanks so much to all my sweet friends who showed up to lend some moral support.  You made the day even more fun :-)

Hilty Sprouts  – (7/13/2009 08:13:00 AM)  

Your display looks great! I'm sorry I wasn't able to make it. Do they still do Art In the Park downtown? That might have more traffic?

Esther  – (7/13/2009 01:49:00 PM)  

I can so relate to this, Daiquiri. I've been essentially out of work as a theatre artist for six months now, and it's crazy hard to cope. (Although my case is more complicated than just the economy.) The hardest part is the feeling that what you have to offer somehow isn't relevant, or isn't necessary, because people aren't showing up to buy it. But the traffic or lack of traffic just isn't what gets to decide whether or not you're an artist.

I also spent years of my young life sitting with my mom at craft fairs and barter fairs and state fairs, selling her book from behind a table. And just thinking about a craft fair brings back the sense of dread, of fear that we wouldn't make the price of dinner. Yikes. In my experience, selling your art is never, ever easy. And when the reward does come, it doesn't come the way you planned it.

Anyway, I believe that you wouldn't be called to do it if it didn't need to be done. And you do need to have faith that it's worthwhile, so please don't measure yourself by a down economy. It's just a voice you can't listen to. Keep showing your work because you have something to say through your photography and the world needs to hear it.

PS I love your pictures, and I love your pictures of babies the best. I think the set of Becky's baby at about 3 months is my favorite. Will you take some of Stella when we come through?

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