My 1st "Fix It Friday"

I'm loving a new (to me) blog called i ♥ faces.  If you enjoy photography, even remotely, you simply must go over there and poke around.  They have so much great info and fun projects...I'm totally and completely hooked!

One fun project they have is "Fix it Fridays" - they provide an image that could use a little extra love, and everyone works their magic on it.  It's so fun to see how everyone does it differently (not to mention hugely educational!).

So here it is, this is my first Fix it Friday entry.  

The original shot:

My Fix:

1.  My process started in Lightroom for a fix of white balance, saturation, and blacks.

2.  Then to Photoshop Elements for a crop/straighten, blemish removal, eye sparkle, and noise removal.  Thought I was done, but upon further inspection it was...

3.  Back to Lightroom for another boost in blacks, an exposure and brightening tweak, and finally some vignetting. 

This was so FUN!  I'll definitely be doing this again!  Head on over to this week's Fix it Friday post to see what other "fixers" are doing.  Heck...join in too!  Let me know if you do so I can come see :) 

Jessica  – (6/20/2009 12:17:00 PM)  

I like it, Daiquiri. Just curious...are my eyes playing tricks on me or is she at a different angle in your pic vs. the original?

Daiquiri  – (6/20/2009 03:20:00 PM)  

Thanks Jessica :) No tricks - she is at a different angle. In this era of making things crooked for interest (and I do this often), I straightened her out a bit. Call me crazy ;)

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