Here's To Daddy's

To Daddy's who are big and matter their height or ability to bench press whatever.  You're big and strong in those little eyes.

To Daddy's who are patient and kind.  

To Daddy's who read stories, tuck little heads into bed, and who toss the ball on the weekends.

Here's to Daddy's who have the guts and the wisdom to discipline, even when it really does hurt them more than it hurts their little one.

To Daddy's who love Mommy's and treat her like she's precious.  They're teaching boys how to love their wives and they're teaching girls that they can expect to be cherished.

Here's to Daddy's who are off somewhere fighting for good.  In the boardroom or on the're fighting for us and we love you for it.

To Daddy's who go to work each day even when they might rather do something else.  Thanks for taking such good care of us.

To Daddy's who screw up and lose their tempers, Daddy's who are ...human.  The little ones see the uncertainty and the pain, and then they see forgiveness and peace.  

To Daddy's who have the courage to talk about Jesus and the fact that even though Daddy is big and strong, Jesus is the Boss.  Some lessons are invaluable.

To Daddy's who snuggle.

And tickle.

And wrestle.

And let Mommy's sleep in on Saturdays.

And who have kind eyes.

We love you.  To the Daddy's in my life, I love you.  You're wonderful.  You're a blessing.  Our family is what it is because of you good men.

From the bottom of my grateful heart...Happy Father's Day.

Unknown  – (6/22/2009 08:08:00 AM)  

Great post for daddies everywhere.

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