Goin' eHow Crazy (gingersnaps & handling a bully)

Seriously, are you sick of the phrase "I wrote another article" on this blog yet?  I sort of am!  I just love eHow though - it totally appeals to the OCD in me...that tidy list of articles all sorted and organized and easy to print.  Purrrr ;-)

So...I wrote another article.  Two actually.   The first is a recipe for those amazing cookies up there (thanks to my good friend Michele), and the second is about helping your school-aged child deal with bullying.  

It was just a few months ago that Ben sort of casually announced "there's a bully at my school".  After a brief conversation, I realized that it was MY boy who was being bullied. 


But then I realized that this was an opportunity.  I taught Ben how to handle the bully, and now Ben (and his friends) seem to be immune to little Mr. Tough Guy.  And my boy?  His confidence shot through the roof.  It was a joy to see.

Anyway...here are those articles if you're interested.  As always, I appreciate your rating and recommendations :-)

Craig and Bethany  – (4/28/2009 12:28:00 PM)  

FANTASTIC articles! Here's one recommendation that all your readers enjoy them over on e-how. Especially the bullying one. Keep 'em coming!

Sheila  – (4/28/2009 01:49:00 PM)  

I tried to leave this comment on eHow, but don't have an account, and I'm just on a break from work so don't have time to create one. I just wanted to apologize, because I was attempting to look at one of your articles (spring clean the bathroom) and I accidentally clicked the rating and gave you a low rating. I was not even trying to rate the article, I was trying to read the comments people had written. I just didn't want you that someone had really given your article a low rating, and I couldn't figure out how to undo it. Sorry! Wow, those cookies look good!

Mom To A Preschooler  – (4/28/2009 06:54:00 PM)  

Great articles! I am so proud of your son for handling the bully. Bullies can really affect a child's self-esteem and I am just glad that your son was able to properly deal with it. Good luck!

Kirsty  – (4/28/2009 11:14:00 PM)  

Great article on bullying, some real solid tips that I will stash away for the future. Thanks so much. Keep up the great writing!

Craig and Bethany  – (4/29/2009 09:20:00 PM)  

Already had a chance to use some of your tips from the bullying article. Thanks!

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