ITP: Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura

For all of you who who have been following along on my recent series about Samantha's health concerns, you can ignore this post.

This post is for those folks who type "ITP" into Google, looking for information or for other people dealing with the condition.   Hopefully, my straightforward title will help those people find me.  

We had quite the journey through ITP with our infant daughter.  Did you just get a diagnosis of ITP and are wondering what to expect next?  If you're interested in our story, you can find it here.  

I hope that you'll be reassured and encouraged...maybe even blessed.  And if you're looking for a fellow parent who's been where you are now, please feel free to click "Contact Me" over there on the left under my photo to drop me an email. 

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