Shoes, Dress & Curls...Oh My!

Clara's kindergarten class put on a little music program for us today (along with some very brave and talented 2nd graders who were doing dancing and solo numbers - so impressive!).  We had such a fun time getting Clara all spiffed up for the big event.  We put her hair in rollers last night ("Mommy, I look like George Washington!"), got her some new shoes to match her dress (too big, but did fine with some kleenex stuffed in the toe), and pressed one of her new dresses that she got for her birthday (thank you Gma and Gpa F!).

I just gotta say - aren't these the sweetest shoes?  I tried to find some flat ones because really, what 6 year old needs heels?  Especially 6 year olds who are already a full head taller than everyone else in their class?  But pretty little flats were not to be found.  I'm glad too, because Clara adores her "high heels":

She sat on the risers looking through the crowd - this is the moment she saw me standing along the wall opposite her:

Awww...she's even brave enough to wave at her Mama.

I don't know this little 2nd grader...this is more a picture of the set.  Can you believe that?  As soon as I saw it, I knew my friend Krissy must have helped make it.  She's such an incredible artist.  Upon closer inspection...sure enough, Krissy helped with the set.  That girl is so talented!  Just look at that tree:

There was lots of fun song and dance.  I was just impressed to see life in my little Clara. Her big brother?  Total- freeze-in-place-don't-move-or-open-mouth stage FRIGHT when he was in his kindergarten program.  I sort of expected the same from her today because she can be a little shy, but she put on a wonderful performance.  I was so proud of my beautiful little girl!

By the way - see?  Tall!

Sammy was looking forward to hearing them sing "Kinkle Kinkle Witt-oh Stah".   Here she is enjoying it:

It's programs like this that really make me thankful for my 300mm telephoto lens.  And my flash - otherwise I'd get all dark and blurry shots.

She was a patient little girl the whole time, but by the end she was saying "Why we hafta stay here all day?"  Almost done, sweetie :)

Thomas had fun sitting in his big boy chair and making buddies with his little friend sitting behind him.  And the clapping.  He tossed his cup on the floor and clapped wildly whenever the crowd clapped.  Very cute!

Aww, my sweet girl.  I'm so proud of her!  And so thankful for her nice little friends.  It's such a short time that these babies are at home with us - here she's going to be in school all day next year already!  (sniff, sniff)

P.S.  Clara - remember when I told you that you'd be the most beautiful girl in the whole wide world today?  Even prettier than the girls who who were the 'angels' in the play?  I was RIGHT.  Love you, sweetie.

Mel  – (2/27/2009 05:03:00 PM)  

That was so great!! She is a beauty and it looks like the whole thing was a blast.

Beth in NC  – (2/27/2009 05:25:00 PM)  

Yay for tall girls! I am 5'9" and 3/4. lol

You have some beautiful children!

Thanks for sharing these with us. :o)

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