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Our Ben is in Scouts this year.  I admit, I was hesitant to join something that would demand yet more time and energy...but it's been a huge blessing for our little man (and us - what a neat group of parents!).  We typically have our weekly meetings at our den leaders' home, but last night we hosted.  

Hubby worked his way through college making pizzas at the local pizza joint - our kids always get a kick out of watching Daddy toss the dough up in the air, so we thought it would be a neat scouting activity to show the boys how to make pizza.  What a blast!  I, of course, got roughly 87 pictures of the event that lasted about an hour.  I pared it down to 20 or so for you...

Ack!  This is what happens when you don't set the white balance on your camera - look how gross and yellow this shot is!  Thankfully, I got mine set before taking any more shots (as opposed to the times I take 50 shots before realizing it's off.  That's where RAW comes in - I always shoot in RAW format so I can adjust the white balance in processing if necessary).  Okay.  Sorry for the shop talk.  Just can't help myself.

Phew.  That's better.  

We made one big pizza and split it into 6 sections so each boy could put his favorite toppings on it.  

Into the oven with our creation:

While the boys waited for their pizza to cook, they got to practice rolling and tossing the dough. 

It was lots of fun.  Just ask Thomas...

And, of course, what sort of Scouts meeting would it have been without plenty of thumb wars? 

Tasting their very own slice of pizza was probably the second best part...I'm pretty sure throwing the dough came in first place on the fun scale :)

I'm so thankful that our son is friends with this wonderful group of boys - kind and considerate and polite - each and every one.  I hope our little group of gentlemen can stick together for many many years!

"Sons are a heritage from the Lord..." (Psalm 127:3)

Anonymous –   – (2/27/2009 04:38:00 PM)  

Wow! Those turned out great! I would love the one with Jaeden in the middle and the big smile on his face :) Thank you for last night, it was great! I hope that we can all stay friends after this scout year is over as well~they are a great group of boys!!

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