There's Something About This Guy...

I admit, I did not vote for him.  I don't agree with many of his plans or philosophies.  But this guy...there's something about him that so powerfully inspires hope in me.  

Hope that he can turn our economy around.  Hope that he can bring peace (what will his take on Israel be, I wonder?).  Hope that he and his family remain safe.  Hope that he can deliver...

On election day my tears were tears of dread and disappointment.  Today, the tears were entirely different.  All those people, all those flags, all those powerful people up on that podium (along with bunches of security, I'm sure), all that beautiful music (although, the HAT, Aretha...what where you thinking?), all those powerful words, all that HOPE.

I'm so thankful to be an American.

Becky Avella  – (1/20/2009 05:32:00 PM)  

Sorry Daq...can't agree with this one! : )

Hope that four years goes fast.

Janelle Stollfus  – (1/20/2009 09:40:00 PM)  

I was discouraged by the results of Election Day and even dragged my feet in fear for a couple days after. Then it hit me. We can't run away from the decision that out nation made. He will be as good as we support what we believe and act on them.

I'm glad you had hope today, Daquiri. While I'm still hoping that we will all be okay with the economy, foreign policy, global warming, Middle East turmoil, etc. we can't sit and complain and mope around. It's time to kneel and pray for our country and how we are represented and then stand up for our country and our President ELECT and get things done.

Daiquiri  – (1/22/2009 10:36:00 AM)  

Oh come on, Pat and Becky! You weren't the least bit inspired or excited to see that ceremony? Remember...I agree with your belief that he was not the best choice for president.

All we can do is pray, pray, pray. And hope that the next president is sworn in before Obama has a chance to get national healthcare off the ground.

In the mean time, my hopes for our economy, peace, and his safety (even though I'd rather he not be president) remain.

Unknown  – (1/22/2009 06:45:00 PM)  

Not in the least! - Here's a riddle: Where do you put 350 terrorists after you close a military prison? (not a very funny riddle I admit)

The damage this guy said he was going to do to our country is astounding (he didn't see it as damage - that's my editorial)

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