Recipe: Homemade Guacamole

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I'm an addict.  I could (and sometimes do) eat guacamole every single day for lunch.  Over the past few obsessive months, I've developed my favorite way to make this yummy dip.  

First, you'll need to gather all the necessary ingredients.  You'll need:

1 Tbs lime juice
1 large avocado
1/2 tsp salt
1/3 cup fresh salsa
Your favorite tortilla chips
Your favorite drink.  Diet Coke is optional, but highly recommended.
- If you use a small avocado, then use only about half the measurements of the other ingredients.  Except the Diet Coke.  Especially not the Diet Coke.

Wait, I need to back up a bit.  If you're anything like me, you weren't born with the knowledge of how to choose a good avocado.  You want it to be ripe.  A ripe avocado will feel a bit soft (will "yield to gentle pressure" as they say in all the fancy recipe books), but it will NOT feel mushy.  If it feels mushy it's either terribly bruised or over-ripe.  You also do not want an avocado to be too hard.  

Okay, now you're ready to make some guac!  First, PLEASE wash the avocado thoroughly with a squirt of soap and plenty of water.  In fact, do this to all of your fruits and veggies before cutting or eating them.  Just think of all the sneezing people who have walked by that food in the store....or have used their dirty mitts to see if that avocado will "yield to gentle pressure".  Ick.  You simply must wash it. 

Okay, NOW you're ready to make guacamole.  Find the stem of the avocado, and start your cut there.  Cut down until you feel your knife hit the pit, and then rotate the avocado to cut through the flesh of the fruit (veggie?) but around the pit.  Don't try to cut straight through the pit.  It will not work out well for you.

Separate the two halves, and use a spoon to scoop out the green/yellow insides. 

The next step is to simply use the edge of your spoon to "chop" the avocado into small chunks (or big chunks if you like it chunky).  How many times do you think I can use the word "chunk" this paragraph?  I'm up to 4 so far.  By the way, having your guacamole chunky or not chunky will result in the same thing if you eat too much of it...chunky thighs. And do you know what's really delicious after a meal of chunky (or non-chunky) guacamole for lunch?  A big chunk of dark chocolate.  A big chunk of dark chocolate is good after every meal though, so I guess that point was rather irrelevant.  But it enabled me to use the word "chunk" a couple more times.  Chunkity doo da, chunkity day.  My oh my what a chunky day.  Okay...15.  That should do it.

Excuse me while I run and grab something to eat for breakfast, I think I'm having blood sugar issues.

Okay.  I'm over it.  Sorry.  Some days I just can't resist.  Can you imagine how my husband feels having to live with me?!

Here you are, dicing up the avocado to the consistency that you like:

Now it's just a matter of dumping in the rest of the ingredients, and mixing it up.  The lime juice:

The salt:

The salsa.  By the way, fresh salsa is the most tasty, but any old salsa will do:

Now put the baby down for a nap, grab the chips, and pop open the Diet Coke.  Enjoy!

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