Happy Birthday Papa!

Happy Birthday Dad! Clara drew you a birthday picture before you came for your visit, so I sent it home for Mom to give to you today. Sorry to have not inclued pics from Ben and Sammy. They each made you a special picture for your special day. I'll bring them for Christmas...in the mean time, here's a preview:

This is you and Ben holding hands. Ben was so careful to try and get just the right shade for your eyes :)

Sammy tells me that this is a picture of water. Part of the water does not have a shark, and part does have a shark. See that fishy thing in the lower right? That's the shark :)

And, of course, no birthday would be complete without a special song:

I love you very much! Have a wonderfully happy birthday. Can't wait to see you next week :)

PS. Remember when we did this last year? Man, the kids have changed so much!

AudreyO  – (12/21/2008 09:35:00 AM)  

What a wonderful gift to your dad. I love the photos of the kids and the pictures they made. I did read that you are traveling and hope you have a wonderful trip. I am leaving in a few days to go visit my daughter who is living overseas right now. I can't wait.

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