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These two have been on the top of my "to read" list for the past few days. Jesus Day By Day by Beth Moore has been so inspirational and sweet...one of those books that miraculously makes me see Jesus in new and deeper ways. That girl, she just has a way with words! (I searched and searched for a link for you to buy this great book, but can't find it anywhere. Strange!)

And I got this Digital Photography magazine the other day at Costco. I've barely been able to take my nose out of it! I blame it for single-handedly keeping me from the wrapping, baking, and packing I need to do. I found it on Amazon, and added it to my "Good Stuff" list over there in my right side bar.

That's a new do-dad over there - check it out. I'll list stuff there, but ONLY if I've tried it and LOVE it.

Oh, gang. Is anyone else feeling totally flabbergasted by the fact that it's Christmas in ONE WEEK?

Sigh. I grew up watching Little House On the Prairie, and it's seasons like this one that actually make me long for the pioneer days. Sure the outhouse, no running water or heat (or A/C!), walking or riding everywhere...it would have been hard work. Exhausting work. And of course the required natural childbirth thing would have been a drag (especially when you couple it with the no birth control thing). Oh, and mascara. I would have had to live without mascara. And Chapstick! (maybe I'm changing my mind)

But Christmas back in those days seems like it would have been sweet. Some simple pine boughs resting on the hearth. One or two hand-made gifts and maybe a single piece of sweets for each family member. A special meal. Everyone gathered around the fire to sing Christmas songs and play games.

Just call me "half-pint" (but please don't call me Mary...did it strike anyone else what a bum deal Mary got? Laura got all the attention and life turned out great for her. Mary went blind, found love anyway, had a baby, baby died in a tragic house fire, etc. Yikes. And all without a good antidepressant!).

Why is it that true and lasting simplicity feels like it's been gone for hundreds of years?

That's what I'd truly like to give my little family this coming year - peace and simplicity. Remind me of that, please, when I'm complaining about having to sort and store and clean up the gazillion presents I bought this Christmas. I'm my own worst enemy, I know.

And here I just wanted to tell you about my new reading material! Isn't blogging great?

Anonymous –   – (12/18/2008 10:28:00 AM)  

Yes! Peace and simplicity! I am actually trying that this year.
From one "half-pint" to another, Merry Christmas!

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