Well, I was just going to jump on to tell you that I found a great new blog to read, but then I saw something interesting : my last post? It was post #500. FIVE HUNDRED, people! Can I talk or what?! Just in case you're counting, that's 500 posts before my one year bloggy-versary (which is some time in December I think). Oh boy! My sincerest thanks to all of you who have actually stuck around to read this blog. I just love my bloggy friends :)

Okay...now I'll tell you about that great new blog. It's called Single Solitary Things. I found this wonderful woman today at Rocks In My Dryer. She was a guest blogger today, and wrote a great post about what it's like to be a single adult in this family oriented society of ours. It was so interesting, that I clicked over to her blog...only to spend 45 minutes of my life reading! (and I was going to use this nap time for photo processing, dang-it)

Stop by, say hi, and tell her I sent ya. She's lots of fun.

She's got me thinking, I'll tell you. This day has been crazy. I've been thoroughly convinced that God was pulling something on me after my post yesterday about my sweet little Mommy life and how nice it is. It hasn't been feeling so sweet and nice today!

But then God brought me to SST, and put me in my place. I'm not saying that I'm thinking "Boy, sure glad I'm not her!" Not at all. I hope I don't give that impression. Her posts about the single and dating life just brings me back 15 years...to life before my hubby and kids. Looking back, that time in my life seems to be a mere blink. But then? Oh...then it seemed eternal. And lonely. And frustrating.

Wow. The memories are just flooding back. I see a "How I Met Hubby" series in my near future.

Stick around...I'll be up to 600 posts in no time!

Anne  – (11/13/2008 03:22:00 PM)  

500, how fun! I'm new to this blog thing but it's sooo fun :-)

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