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I am not an expert on politics. I repeat: I am no expert on politics! But I do have an opinion. And this is my blog. So here you two cents on Sarah Palin.

I keep hearing the question, "Is she experienced enough?" from everyone. AND their dog. So I was curious. What sort of experience does she have? And what sort of experience do the other guys have? In very general and over simplified terms, here's what I found:

Sara Palin
- City Council 1992-96

- Mayor of small town (about 7,000) 1996-02
- On the Alaska Oil & Gas Conservation Commission 2003-04
- Governor of Alaska 2006-present
- From 1992-present = 16 years

John McCain
- Vietnam POW 1967-73
- US House of Representatives 1982 (two terms)
- US Senator 1986-present
- From 1982-present = 26 years

Total between them = 42 years

Barak Obama
- Illinois State Senator 1997-2004
- US Senator 2005-present
- From 1997-present = 11 years

Joe Biden
- US Senator 1973-present = total of 35 years

Total between them = 46 years

Okay, so let's break it down a bit more. (I know, I never know when to stop)

Presidential Candidates:
- 11 years of service vs 26 years of service = McCain wins my vote here
- no military service vs service and self sacrificing, noble choices during time as a POW = McCain wins my vote here
- Neither of them seem to have experience with actual governing of people = it's a wash here
- pro choice vs. pro life = McCain wins my vote here
- ummm...national health care? = McCain wins my vote here
- Iraq - I don't know which end is up here = it's a wash

Vice Presidential Candidates:
- 16 years of service vs 35 years = Biden wins my vote here
- experience vs. no experience with foreign affairs (typically a primary role of the VP) = Biden wins my vote here
- experience vs. no experience with actually governing people instead of just working on legislation = Palin wins here
- Superhero figure vs. no superhero figure = Palin wins my vote here

I mean can I not vote for a woman who inspires this kind of artwork?

Is this degrading to women? I don't know. Last time I checked, I'm a woman...and I think it's pretty dang funny! ($29.95 + S&H)

In all least as serious as I get around here...when I consider Presidential candidates, McCain is the clear winner in my book.

When I consider Vice Presidential candidates it's a little less cut and dry for me. Biden has lots of experience in government, but it's all legislation stuff. Palin has fewer years experiences, but it's all in the trenches of actually governing.

In fact...I find it pretty ironic that Palin is the only one getting slammed for not having experience...when she's the only one of the four who actually has any when it comes to governing!

My general impression of Sarah Palin is that she's a total go-getter. The woman can do pretty much anything she sets her mind to (including going back to work just 3 days after giving birth..hello! I was still in the hospital eating jello!).

I was reassured when I saw a recent interview, and when asked if she was ready, her response was something like, "If I'm so honored as to be elected VP, I most certainly WILL be ready." I like that. She knows she has work to do...and she's gonna do it.

And what if the worst happens and the VP has to step into the Presidency? Is she ready? No more or less than Biden. But I feel confident that if she needs to be...she WILL be ready.

I have a question for YOU now. Do you think that she could be President of the United States? If the worst happened, and she had to step up, do you think having her...or any the Oval Office would be good or reassuring or comforting to this country? Or would it just freak everyone out? Are we ready for a female POTUS?

Amy  – (9/16/2008 03:34:00 PM)  

You've got to have a sense of humour huh Daiquiri? That's funny to me too, not in a degrading way but in a humourous way. As for who I'd vote for if I was an american, guess I'm on the same wavelength as you :-)

Anonymous –   – (9/16/2008 05:41:00 PM)  


No question in my mind-



Kate @ A Simple Walk  – (9/16/2008 10:57:00 PM)  

Great post. Thanks for sharing your insight. I received this in an email today and I thought you might be interested, if you haven't heard it already. It goes along nicely with your post.

Who Am I?

I am under 45 years old,
I love the outdoors,
I hunt,
I am a Republican reformer,
I have taken on the Republican Party establishment,
I have many children,
I have a spot on the national ticket as vice president with less than two years in the governor's office.
Did you guess?
Scroll down......

I am Teddy Roosevelt and the year is 1900!

Marlayna  – (9/16/2008 11:13:00 PM)  

Are we ready for a woman president? A month ago I would have said no way. On that Friday morning when the media was reporting who McCain was running with I thought... oh boy... this may just do us in. THen I heard her speak and I about stopped in my tracks. I told my husband and he didn't believe me until we listened to her at the Rep Conv and even he was stopped in his tracks. I still don't know if we are ready or if she is ready to be president, but I do believe she is ready to be VP and I think in 4 years she may just be the obvious choice.

bristowmom  – (9/17/2008 05:06:00 AM)  

I just get annoyed with the media decrying her "lack of experience". How come that wasn't an issue with Obama BEFORE Palin came on the scene? Furthermore, Palin isn't running against Obama, McCain is! They are not comparing apples to apples. It appears to me that the dems want us to believe (fear) that McCain is going to drop dead a couple of minutes after taking office. Did anyone notice his NINETY SIX YEAR OLD mother in the audience at the convention? I don't think we have to worry about him dropping dead. On the other hand, I always thought if Obama chose Clinton as his VP HE would have had to worry about dropping dead a few days after he took office.

Carrie  – (9/17/2008 01:30:00 PM)  

I like Palin. When I watched her at the Republican Convention I thought, wow, someone for my daughters to look up to. I think she's smart and determined and like you said, she WILL be ready for what she needs to do.
By the way, I love the Teddy Roosevelt comment!

Fern RL  – (9/18/2008 08:46:00 AM)  

How long has it been since Bill Clinton was caught with his pants down in the White House?

Ever since then, I have wanted a woman president, and certainly one who is not remotely related to said President Clinton.

I wanted our president to be able to concentrate on the issues of the nation rather than get too distracted by women, beautiful or not.

I was not too sure about McCain in that regard, actually, but since he is old, and I approve of Palin, they have my vote.

ldsneighbor  – (9/18/2008 06:54:00 PM)  

Daiquiri, I agree. I am sure Palin could step in an be an awesome President. I like her attitude. I like her heart. I like her common sense. I like her experience even. Sarah Palin alone has more executive experience at running things than Obama and Biden combined. Obama and Biden have a little experience at being "legislators" (and Washington legislators at that), but the job of President is being an "executive". Nice post.

Becky Avella  – (9/18/2008 10:38:00 PM)  

I'm shocked you didn't mention she was a Vandal. I figured being a U of I grad would make her MORE than qualified in your book. : )

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