A Quick Ride

Hubby's exercise of choice lately has been bike riding. The other day, when we had library books due, he announced that he'd just take his bike to drop them off.

"I thought I'd take the 3 older kids."
"Yeah! That'd be somethin'!"
"No, really."
"Wha? Huh? Really?"
"Yeah, good luck with that one!"

I still didn't quite believe him...until he told me to grab my camera and meet him out front. Just look what I found:

I wonder if this trailer is rated for 100 pounds of kids?! Just look how they're stuffed in there!

Sammy just loves it when she gets to be a "big" kid.

Everyone ready?


And they're off...all for a couple of library books. (I totally would have just gotten on line and renewed them for another 3 weeks...but that's why he's the "fun" parent I guess.)

Summer  – (9/16/2008 07:11:00 AM)  

That is so cute!! Ha- what a great "fun" dad they've got!

Hope your fingers are feeling okay- ouch! (The only time I've ever gotten stitches was after squishing my ring finger between the knob of a huge, heavy door and a brick wall. Fingerburger. It was disgusting.)

Elizabeth  – (9/16/2008 01:08:00 PM)  

Yup, rated to 100 #'s...we've put over 100 in ours! What a great dad!
Just found all of your blogginess...I'll be back.
Pax Christi, EJT

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