Happy Birthday, My Little One!

My Dear Sweet Thomas,

How is it possible that your first year is past us already? It seems just yesterday that I sat on the couch, watching your little body tumble around in my belly... and tomorrow we're going to get your first hair cut! It truly was a blink. A blink filled with diapers, giggles, tears, new teeth, snuggles, and drool...but a blink.

Oh, my little one. I just don't have words to tell you how much I adore you!

You are my very last baby, so the feel of you as a babe in my arms will always be a fresh memory for me. Your growing up signals so many changes for us! We will never have another "first tooth", "first smile", "first word", or "first step" once you're past those milestones. I'm trying desperately to remember every precious detail.

You won't remember your first birthday, so let me tell you what you're like right now. The first thing that comes to mind is "LOUD"! You love your voice. So do I, which is a good thing, since it's in "play" mode all the time! :) You're also super high energy. Wrestling, bouncing, tickling, chasing...you're all boy! Let's see..."hungry" is another word that comes to mind. You devour whatever we put in front of you. And of course "joyful". That should have been the first word! You are ALWAYS smiling! You have an easy laugh, and a contagious giggle. Oh, I just love you so much!

My little boy. What does your future hold? What will those little hands of yours do in life? What will the Lord do with your energy and joy? I can hardly wait to see. Actually...I take that back. I CAN wait. So please, don't be in too much of a hurry to grow up!

Happy Birthday, Thomas my sweet. Grow healthy. Grow strong. Grow wise and good. But, for the love of your Mommy...grow a little more slowly.


Summer  – (9/25/2008 03:19:00 PM)  

Oh. My. Cute.

He just sucked up all his mommy's face genes and left daddy hangin' - didn't he.

I once told my friend I was jealous of his dimples, and I wished I could get them somehow. He told me he had actually stuck his finger in his cheek so many times he'd made that dimple himself. And for a split second, my mouth hung open. Right before he laughed... "gullibllleee!!!"

I'm still jealous of dimples. Quite covetous, actually. ;D

So my word verification is WjHYLDSf. Hee hee.

Lindsey  – (9/25/2008 05:02:00 PM)  

So cute! I can't believe how fast the time passes!!! I wish they could stay babies longer (but without the diapers, midnight feedings, etc.)

Davene  – (9/25/2008 08:43:00 PM)  

What an adorable boy! I'm enjoying my little boy grow through all the stages of his first year, too; but we don't know that he's our last, and I can't imagine how bittersweet it all must be from that perspective. It seems like you do a great job capturing these moments though; good for you!

Amy  – (9/25/2008 09:28:00 PM)  

What a beautiful post. He will treasure those words from you when he is older.

Janelle Stollfus  – (9/26/2008 08:31:00 PM)  

Daiquiri - you are a marvelous photography! My youngest is just 3 months older than yours and much the same minus dimples. I don't have near the wonderful pictures. I need to get my camera out and capture the moments.

Thanks for the motivation...


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