God Is An Artist, Part 5

Well, I have to start with some of the most amazing works of art ever to grace my blessed life...my babies. This is Ben and Clara before school one day this past week. I finished Clara's hair for her, she looked at herself in the mirror with a smile and said, "I think you'd better take a picture this morning...Ben and I look beautiful!"

I had to agree :)

I was picking raspberries in my garden yesterday, when I found this little guy sitting quietly on a zucchini leaf:

It was interesting to take his picture because the light kept changing, one second we were under cloud cover, the next full sun...then the breeze would blow and we'd have shade from the raspberries as they swayed. Sorry for the grainy pictures. I save them as pretty small files to use up less space here, but resolution suffered this time.

Look at that eye! And you can even see his nostrils if you look closely...

Sammy helped me water the flowers out front yesterday. She started spraying everything she could see, which irritated me a bit...since I was one of the things she could see. But then I saw what she'd done to this beautiful rose, and I ran off to get my camera. "What da matter, Mama?!", she said as I ran away :)

Have I mentioned how much I love my camera lately? And my 28-300 mm lens just gives me such amazing flexibility!

Look closely at the details around you today. I guarantee that you'll find some of God's handiwork too :)

Anonymous –   – (9/06/2008 07:13:00 PM)  

OOOH! So pretty! I love the frog pictures.

:) Marisa

Marlayna  – (9/07/2008 11:27:00 PM)  

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Your pictures. They make me smile. You are an excellent photographer. Do you think you could shed some of my weight in a photo?

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