... if we're smart enough to invent a "washer" and a "dryer", can we not come up with a "folder" and "put away-er"??

Team  – (8/26/2008 11:15:00 AM)  

I agree! I want a device that will hang my clothes in the closet, and hey, why can't it organize my closet while it's in there?

Amy  – (8/26/2008 12:08:00 PM)  

I hear ya!

Oh, and Transformers that don't fall apart every 2 seconds!!

The Mom  – (8/26/2008 12:59:00 PM)  

I do have a "folder" and a "put-awayer". I have 4 of them...and I gave birth to all 4!

Anonymous –   – (8/26/2008 02:56:00 PM)  

Amen to that haha

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