There Goes My Heart...

...Driving down the road in a big yellow school bus! Today was the first day of school for my "big kids". It was a flurry of excitement and nerves and joy and a bit of fear. But it was good.

We had a wonderful time getting all gussied up for the big day. Clara with her new haircut, and Ben with his beloved new "tie shoes" :) Here, I'll let you look at some pictures while I go wipe my eyes and blow my nose...

Headed out to wait for the bus, which (thankfully) stops right in front our our house.

Here are the kindergartners. Did I mention that when I brought Clara in for her checkup last week the doctor estimated her at 120% in height and weight? She's a beauty...

I'm so very thankful that my kids have such wonderful friends. It gives me amazing peace to know that they're not alone out there in the big world. Without me. Their Mommy. The one who gave birth to them and has cared for them every day of their little lives. Who loves them more than anyone else in the world does, has, or ever will.

Oh! The bus is here! I meant to get a shot of Ben getting on too, but he was too quick for me. Look at my baby girl on that big bus!

My little ones were pretty interested in all the hustle and bustle of getting ready for the bus. And when it actually pulled up in all it's loud, diesel spewing glory and they watched their big brother and sister climb on? Well, it must have been a sight to behold for them!

Don't get any ideas, little ones. You're stuck with me for a while longer. Maybe I'll even home-school you. Or...not.

Yes, I am that mommy. That mommy who actually climbed ON the bus with the kids so I could get pictures. I figure I'd better do it now before the kids are too embarrassed by me. They're still hugging and kissing me in public...I'm hoping it lasts through this school year at least.

But the little love note I snuck in Ben's lunch box along with a surprise cookie? Hubby tells me that'll probably get my little Ben a beating from his buddies. I hope not...

(By the way, this is Ben waving...not him flipping me the bird!)

After we got them on the bus, we piled in the car and hustled on over to the school so we could be there to help them find their classes and get settled in. Here they are coming off the bus at school:

We got them all settled into their classrooms (Ben actually has a desk...a DESK!), and then we were off. Ben wanted me to stay for the whole day (awww, he loves me), but I knew I had to leave so he could spread his wings a little bit.

That, and the teacher was dragging me out of the classroom while I screamed "BEENNNN! I LOOOVE YOU! BE STRONG FOR MOMMY! BE A BIG BOY! I'LL MIIISSS YOU!"

Not really, but wouldn't that be funny? In sort of a sick, overbearing, my mom is a lunatic kind of way?

Oh boy, I sure hope I don't mess my kids up for good.

And here's my little Clara in her class. Oh, that girl. She's spunky and feisty and wild and she drives me absolutely nuts. But boy oh boy, do I ever love her.

So here I am...suddenly down to two kiddos at home with me (for half the day anyway). Hubby mentioned that maybe we should find a part time pre-preschool for little Sammy so she's not so bored without her sister and brother. Not a chance though. I'm not giving away this time with her for nothin'!

If there's one thing I've learned, it's that their pre-school years go by too quickly as it is. Before I know it, we'll be doing college graduations and weddings. But that won't be so bad, since then it will be time for them to move into that nice house across the street from us.


Aimz  – (8/25/2008 02:13:00 PM)  

oh girl! You went into the bus and into the classroom with them? um...seriously I'd do that too :-)
In fact I've cried every time my children started school at 5 years old.

Miki  – (8/25/2008 02:38:00 PM)  

lol...that's just so much what we mommies feel isn't it? I'm so glad I'm (along with you) one of the mommies who really care, and WANT her children to be at home with them.

Best wishes for the school year Daiquiri...and I thought of you this weekend, and took a picture I thought you might take. I was going to put it into my blog....but UGH, the post was just getting longer....and hence, I will just tell you.

There was a bumble bee on a flower by the creek we were at. I snapped a single shot before it flew away while thinking, "I'm going to say, 'this is something Daiquiri would take a picture of....".

Anyway...was thinking of you...

The Mom  – (8/25/2008 02:39:00 PM)  

Thank you for posting this. Today I sent my 14 year old off to his first day of 9th grade. I say sent him off, but I should say kicked him out. Oh how quickly they grow up and think that Mom and Dad are the absolutely stupidest people on the planet. I miss the first day of schoool when he would hug me and kiss me goodbye!

Sonya Lee Thompson  – (8/25/2008 03:33:00 PM)  

This was a precious post! I do homeschool so I was living vicariously through you today. You painted a great picture (and took some great pics too!) Thanks for sharing.

Be Blessed,

Unknown  – (8/25/2008 08:05:00 PM)  

Well, aren't they just the cutest!

Angie  – (8/26/2008 10:24:00 AM)  

I get to go through the whole "first day of 1st grade" next week with my Jacob. I'm glad to see that you survived it...I'm a little afraid of what I might do that day!!

You took some great pictures. I can't believe how grown up they are all getting....I still can't wait to actually meet you all in person.

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