Can We Talk About This, My LDS Friends?

Alright. I just have to write this post. It's been on my heart and mind for months, but I've been determined to ignore it.

I want to talk about the Mormon (LDS) faith.

Now, before you get too upset and defensive with me, will you hear me out for a second?

You might be wondering about my motives...why do I want to talk about this? Why don't I just leave it alone? You believe what you believe, and I believe what I believe. Everyone's happy, so why rock the boat?

Or you might be thinking of this as an attack. I was discussing differences of faith with an LDS friend once, and we started talking about how many churches have a specific "Mormon Outreach" program. I was shocked to hear her perception of these programs..."like Mormons are a pest to be dealt with and exterminated".

It's not like that at all. At ALL!

First, I'd like you to know that I'm not approaching this from my high horse in a "we're better than Mormons" kind of way. I'm doing this from a heart of genuine love and concern. If there's one thing I'd like to ask that you keep in mind, it's that.

I have friends who are LDS, and I love them dearly. We've talked and debated and cried and laughed over our differences. And in the end, we always have to just agree to disagree. Sometimes that all we can do.

So why DO I want to talk about this?

I want to talk about this because of my love for my LDS friends...because of my love for people everywhere who are seeking the Truth of God, and might be considering the LDS faith. I want to talk about this because I'm concerned by what the LDS church teaches. I want to talk about this because of my great love for the Jesus and God of the Bible.

My goal is to state clearly what the Bible teaches compared to what the LDS church teaches. This is just an itty bitty personal thoughts and ideas. I'm not a religious scholar. But I know my Bible, and I've learned a lot about the Mormon faith. The differences between the two are many, and are alarming (and sometimes, I think, downright shocking).

I welcome your comments. I welcome your correction. If I've misunderstood what the LDS church teaches, PLEASE correct me! All I ask is that you give me the benefit of the doubt, and remember that I'm doing my best to approach this in a humble and loving way.

So again, I ask...Can we talk about this? Do you trust my heart for you? Do you believe me when I say that this is coming from a heart of love and not from some perverse need to just be "right"? I hope so.

Untypically Jia  – (8/27/2008 10:52:00 AM)  

Being one of your LDS friends, I always welcome what you have to say. You are a wonderful and loving person and I know you don't say anything out of anger, pride or hate.

I will of course wait to give my opinions, and correction (if you need it, as requested.)

Amy  – (8/27/2008 01:37:00 PM)  

No judgment coming from me towards you or to the LDS people - I genuinely feel the same as you :-)

Marlayna  – (8/27/2008 03:41:00 PM)  

I am looking forward to this. I have a few LDS friends from a religious forum I visited for a time. One person was not so respectful of my beliefs and got very mean as we discussed the trinity, our God being the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Her words still cut me as she called my God one of multiple personalities in this debate, that He is crazy if He is what my religion says He is. I was just thinking about her a couple of days ago and this conversation we had.

I look forward to reading this Daiquiri.

Unknown  – (8/27/2008 07:00:00 PM)  

I came across your post and think this a great idea. I am really excited to hear your thoughts and comments

ldsneighbor  – (8/27/2008 09:54:00 PM)  

I enjoy having friends of all different faiths. And I appreciate the sincere kindness in your words. I feel your genuine love for the Bible. Here is a wonderful video:

One thing that saddens me is the amount of misinformation out there about the LDS (Mormon) church. If you have run across any of this information, I hope I can clarify.

Anonymous –   – (8/28/2008 09:31:00 AM)  

Hi Daquiri, I'm LDS and would love to chat about it! My mom is LDS, but my dad isn't, so I've always had to question and then come to my own answers and conclusions. Have a wonderful day!

Unknown  – (8/28/2008 02:01:00 PM)  

I am searching for ways to better understand my sisters of faith who belong to churches other than the LDS faith. I discovered your blog and feel you sincerely want to humbly engage in dialog regarding what we as LDS women believe and what the LDS church teaches. I believe in the Savior Jesus Christ as the author of peace and believe he desires us to knit our hearts together in understanding and love. I am looking forward to visiting with you and becoming friends. I will offer up my prayers for mutual understanding, love, and respect to be present within our discussions and trust that you will be doing the same. I believe you are a humble seeker of truth.

Anonymous –   – (8/28/2008 03:27:00 PM)  

I would love to join your conversation. - I will write more later. I encourage you to read website. Best wishes

Summer  – (8/28/2008 07:23:00 PM)  

Sounds like a fine idea. I'm sure there's enough heartfelt desire for understanding that we'll at least come to the conculusion that we're all children of God- and sisters at that. (Uh- brothers, too, if any guys are reading.. ;) It can't hurt to search for truth with a humble heart. Truth is truth- right? We're all just trying to get as close as we can to knowing it. I believe no matter what religion we are in, we won't know absolutely everything until after this life. And God knows that. So I'm sure he's watching us figure things out with a merciful eye, and waiting to fill in the blanks when we ask and are ready for the answers.

Good for you for getting a mature, loving dialogue started.

There will most likely be people who are just unsure enough of themselves that will feel the need to get more than defensive and try to spoil the "fun." But if we're patient, I'm sure a greater good can be achieved.

Anonymous –   – (8/29/2008 01:04:00 PM)  

Thanks so much for being willing to discuss this topic! I'm very excited to hear your comments. Some of our very dear friends are LDS, in fact our sons have been best friends since they were 5 years old (they're now 13) and as they get older there have begun to be a few questions about what's so different about our religions? We're Christian and I'd love to educate myself more about the LDS faith to be better equipped to handle those questions from my son as they come up. We want to make sure those differences do not become arguments or issues that could break up their friendship, but rather opportunities to know each other better and grow deeper as best friends.

Unknown  – (8/29/2008 02:58:00 PM)  

Karen, I think that one of the first things for the boys to understand is that the correct name of the LDS church is: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. The nickname "Mormon" was given to us by our enemies in the early days of the church but it was ok with the leaders then as it is with us now because it literally means "More Good" so we try to internalize the message and be doers of good. The name of the church spells out whose church we believe it to be "The Church of Jesus Christ" latter day saints refer to the fact that we are followers of Jesus Christ during these last days before He returns to gather us into his bosom.

I applaud your efforts to know more and your sensitivity to your son and his friend and the differences in their religious upbringing. I hope that with hearts turned toward the Savior and commitment to follow His example misunderstandings and disagreements will be minimized and charity will prevail.

You are an awesome woman.

Anonymous –   – (8/29/2008 10:47:00 PM)  

Hi Barbe, Thanks so much for your really kind words! This has been a topic of prayer for me for a very long time. My son, Isaac, and his best friend, Tyler, are truly best friends in every sense and Tyler is like another son to us, and they feel the same about Isaac. Our families are incredibly close, yet this has always been the one topic we simply don't discuss. As I stated before I would really love to educate myself more about the differences in our faiths, but I struggle to find unbiased resources. I'm really looking forward to these upcoming discussions because it really sounds like this will be a very loving, nonjudgmental format. Thank you in advance for your insights and willingness to be a part of this discussion. I echo your prayers that the women involved in this discussion will truly discover insight, wisdom, compassion, understanding, and more love for one another.

Anna  – (8/31/2008 11:05:00 PM)  

I'll be watching and commenting, too. I'm a member of the Community of Christ, which shares roots in the Latter Day Saints tradition.
Bless you for opening up this discussion.

Julie  – (5/05/2009 01:15:00 PM)  

I was just looking through your blog and when I saw so much about the LDS church, I started to think you were a member, but then I read the intro and realized your purpose. What a wonderful thing you are doing! I wll be interested to learn more, and I hope those in the LDS church read as well!

mzzterry  – (2/16/2010 06:54:00 PM)  

Just Found you. As a fellow believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, The Trinity, The Truth I will be reading your blog and following you in the future. God bless you.

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