What'd I Tell Ya?

Yes, here I am looking through vacation pictures and writing a post when I really should be doing laundry or...say...getting ready for all the people coming for dinner tonight?!

I'm just about past caring if my house looks perfect. I keep trying to tell myself to "bless, not impress". And then I go crazy with the Windex again. And then I eat some M&M's. And then I chew off some fingernails. And then I get on the computer. So here I am.

But lucky you...you actually get some vacation pictures now!

So here's the cottage....I KNOW! Beautiful, eh? But if you think the view is great from that vantage point, all you have to do is turn around...

...and you see this:

Yes, it is just as beautiful and peaceful as it looks. And it smells great. Crisp, clean air. The smell of trees and water and sand. Ahhh...

We had lots of fun around the campfire. Of course, the kids' favorite was making s'mores.

Wait, stop! Who is that handsome, strapping man getting away with my baby? Oh. My. That's my husband! Sorry ladies. He's mine. All mine. Hey you. Put that baby down and come on over here.

That's better.

Here's a picture of Thomas in the backpack carrier. The backpack was a last minute thing...we weren't really planning on bringing it. But it's a good thing we did. Thomas spend a LOT of time in there. He loves being in on the action, an we love having our arms free.

And someone...I have no idea who, but they must have been VERY nearby...gave us an incredible fireworks show. I swear, you couldn't find a better "professional" show anywhere!

And this is what happens when you take a half a stick of dynamite, and toss it in the bushes. Not only do you hear a large "BANG" that makes you pee your pants (almost, ahem)...but it clears the brush a bit too. I mean, this is what I hear happens. I'm sure these amazing fireworks and noise makers are a bit on the illegal side, and no one I know would partake in this type of irresponsible behavior. But I hear it's really beautiful, and loud, and fun.

Okay. Here's a picture of my beautiful baby boy about to get in the water for the first time. And that's me holding him. That's me with no shower. And no makeup. AND in a bathing suit. You've seen what most people don't see. Consider yourself in my inner circle now...we're family ;)

Thomas absolutely loved splashing in the water!

This is by far, the most enthusiastic response we've gotten to the lake from any of our kids at this young age :)

And of course, we spent many a hour parked in front of the campfire. Have you ever noticed just how beautiful fire is?

That's it for now. I have lots more to show you though, so stay tuned. There's fishing, and eating, and boating, and tubing, and swimming, and...trust me, there's lots more! You're going to see so many vacation pictures, YOU might have a sunburn and some mosquito bites by the end!

Lisa@BlessedwithGrace  – (7/10/2008 10:18:00 AM)  

Wonderful pictures. I must admit, I am very jealous at this moment. It looks so peaceful. I am glad you had a chance to be with family and enjoy it. BTW, LOVE THE HAIR. I have been wondering what hair cut you got. If you posted a previous pic of the new hairdo, I missed it. Anyway, it looks great!

Anonymous –   – (7/10/2008 06:23:00 PM)  

woah! What lovely pictures! Looks like you all had a great time :-)


Amy  – (7/11/2008 06:45:00 PM)  

Beautiful pictures. Love the cottage. And the view! Oh my!

Heather Anne  – (7/11/2008 07:07:00 PM)  

Your pictures are beautiful - and you are beautiful - even without the shower, makeup and everyday clothes! I love the fire - it's very soothing and restful to sit by a fire, and often it is a great 'soul revealing' time - time to see the majesty of God and the brief flicker that is our time earthbound. I'm so glad you had such a lovely time at the lake!

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