Wanna Know What A Weenie I Am?

Okay, my friends. I have a confession to make.

You know all the stressing I've been doing over having my hubby's coworkers and their families over? It turns out, there was no need. Is there ever really much of a need to worry and fret?

I guess I just didn't know what to expect. I didn't know the folks who were coming (turns out they were positively fun and easy going, and I even made a couple of new friends)...I didn't know if we'd be outside or inside...I didn't really know what was expected of me.

Add to that the fact that we just got back from our vacation, and I've been trying to get settled back in while caring for 4 small children. Well, you get the picture. Lots of M&M eating and fingernail biting.

But now for the confessions:

1. I didn't have to cook. Someone brought the food from Goodwood BBQ.
2. I didn't have to clean. Called a cleaning service. (well, I did have to unpack, get organized, and actually clear the surfaces for the wonderful cleaners to do their thing)
3. We weren't really in the house at all anyway. Everyone went straight from the front door to the backyard. But hey, my house is now really clean.

I know. I'm a total wimp. I promise I won't worry so much next time.

Miki  – (7/11/2008 12:04:00 PM)  

Daiquiri!! I just love your name. Anyway...it was so nice to meet you yesterday, and blogworld is great!! I love your blog. You're so funny with this post too. I would have stressed out COMPLETELY!! We all do it seems. Your house is absolutely gorgeous. If you saw ours, you would say,

"you're right Miki, ours is gorgeous"...lol.

Anyway, I had a great time chatting with you, and am anticipating another party next year where we can chat for a while again (I'm a complete hermit...you wouldn't know it from talking to me....and like to keep to myself most days). Thanks for the great company.

I hope you don't mind me lurking away. I promise to be a great commenter. No sourness allowed please!

OOOH (just one more thing, I promise!) I loved your "It works for me" post. May I copy the idea? It was great!




Here are the blogs of my friends (the only ones I look at daily for now). Don't be offended by Elena's Try it Tuesday post (T-I-T) day. She was so embarrassed that the letters ended up being THAT! She hasn't been able to think of a better acronym (is that right?...acronym? Did I spell it right?). Anyway, the name stuck, and people love to give her a hard time about it. She laughs, but is not proud...

Sorry I blab blab blab!!!

Lisa@BlessedwithGrace  – (7/11/2008 06:32:00 PM)  

You sound JUST LIKE ME. I always get that way before an event that I am "hosting". In the end, it is always great and everyone has a good time. Isn't that funny. I know it is satan telling us those lies, trying to make us feel inept. Hey, satan! Shut UP! We are wonderful wives, capable of throwing an awesome party!!!
Glad it went well.

Amy  – (7/11/2008 06:39:00 PM)  

I'm glad to hear it was a hit and you had a good time. AND that your house is clean

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