God Is An Artist: Part III

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Becky Avella  – (7/23/2008 05:13:00 PM)  

Wow! Did you take these in Wisconsin? So beautiful!

Anonymous –   – (7/23/2008 08:48:00 PM)  

Just gorgeous! The second to the last is my favorite!

Daiquiri  – (7/24/2008 07:10:00 AM)  

It makes my day when people enjoy the pictures I take :)

1- bee on lavender in my back yard
2- river next to our campsite last weekend (Idaho)
3- lily inmy back yard
4- bark on tree at our campsite last weekend
5- sunrise at Johns Lake, Wisconsin
6- birch tree, Wisconsin
7- reeds at sunset at Johns Lake
8- oak tree at Johns Lake

Dianne - Bunny Trails  – (7/24/2008 08:39:00 AM)  

Those are all so beautiful! I love the variety and your eye for composition. God is, indeed, an amazing artist.

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