Four Peas In A Pod

I'm finding such joy in my garden recently. It's shaded by the time the kids go to bed, so one of my favorite things to do for a little winding down at night is to head out and dig in the dirt. I pull weeds. I prune. I check for goodies. I squish earwigs (hate those things!). I take pictures. I flip the compost bin.

There's just something about the (almost) immediate rewards that come from nurturing my garden that's so wonderful! I love the smell of the dirt and water. And tomato plants. I love the smell of tomato plants.

Here's my garden:

Here's the compost bin. It's not big enough for grass trimmings, but we mulch the grass back in anyway. This baby is mostly for kitchen stuff...banana peels, egg shells, chunks of uneaten fruit. I love the idea of making something valuable...something I would buy...out of my own garbage! So fun!

Here are some goodies that I harvested this morning. The carrots are finally getting to be a decent size. And corn! I actually have corn! It's not like my little garden keeps us in sweet corn all's more like one meal's ear at a time...but it's fun to grow. And in the fall I'll cut the stalks, let them dry, and decorate the front of my house with them.

I don't know. Something tells me this will be the last year for corn. I think I'd rather plant another tomato plant or a couple more rows of onions.

My kids are loving the garden too. Clara was so impressed by her zucchini this morning...and she should be, the thing was about the size of her leg! I know, I know...they're better smaller. But this one got away from me, what can I say? And besides, it's sure fun to harvest something so gigantic. I might let one or two go for the rest of the summer just to see what happens!
I've made some really yummy zucchini dishes lately. I posted one recipe this morning already. You can find it HERE. Stay tuned for more...

Miki  – (7/24/2008 11:50:00 AM)  

Oh Daiquiri. I'm just so jealous. I can't wait until we some of our backyard into some lovely garden boxes....then I will smell some dirt, eat some carrots, and ahhhhh, feel the love of raspberry kisses from my children. Did I mention I love raspberries? Mmmmmmmmm.

Marlayna  – (7/24/2008 10:22:00 PM)  

I am so envious. I am not a gardner, my mother is not a gardner, I rely on the produce section at the store... which lately has not been too appealing. I would love to have a love for gardening, but it is just not in my blood. My mil does though and there is nothing better than her fresh peas. YUMMY.

Great pictures... so clear. You make veggies look appetizing. :)

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