Our Little Graduate

Well, our eldest child has graduated...from kindergarten.

At first, it might not seem like a very big deal to you. It didn't to me. I figured I'd go, listen to a few cute songs, watch him get his special paper, have a quick snack, and head home. That's not exactly what happened.

It went more like: go, watch my baby walk in the room with a proud and grown-up look on his face, listen to a few songs that are specifically designed to rip a mommy's heart out of her chest and leave her gasping for breath, wipe some tears, watch him get his special paper, realize that he'll be in school ALL DAY next year, watch his tiny little life flash before my eyes, realize just how quickly time is passing, realize that he's 6 years old...a full THIRD of his way to 18 and out of my house, have a quick snack, head home, have a good cry.

How can my mama heart both swell with pride, love, and joy...and break all in the same day?

Here are some pictures from Benjamin's big day:

(I see you, baby boy)

(Ben with is teacher)

Lisa@BlessedwithGrace  – (6/09/2008 04:50:00 PM)  

Daiquiri, I am glad to posted on this. I was having this conversation with friends who have 3 school age boys. I didn't understand the big deal about all these graduations, either. Of course, Grace is only 1. So, we have a while to go. So, I love that you shared your thoughts and feelings. Having read your post, I may start to think different about the whole concept. I am sure that when Grace is crossing the stage, I will be a blubbering idiot.

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