She Stabbed Me!

I was multi-tasking to the extreme today...holding and soothing baby, checking email, browning burger for spaghetti, and playing "doctor" with Sammy. She had her little doctor's instruments out, and she was giving me a checkup. In between stirring the meat and clicking on the computer, I was saying "Ahhh" and taking deep breaths.

She told me I was being a good girl and she was "poud a me". Little did I know what she had in store!

I was reading an email, when, within a corner of my preoccupied brain, I heard Doctor Sammy inform me that I needed a shot. She pulled out her little green plastic syringe, and proceeded to poke me with it. She'd poke, then look up at me to see what my reaction was. I'd give the appropriate "Ooo! Ouch! That hurt a little, but now it's all better!" She'd smile at the expected response.

Evidently though, she wasn't satisfied that our little game was realistic enough because as I was innocently reading Big Mama, I felt a searing pain in my left arm. I hollered "OW!" and "NO!" and "WHAT THE?!" and something like "GET AWAY FROM ME!" ...all before I even realized what what happening.

What was happening, you ask? She was stabbing me with all her little 2 1/2 year old strength. With a FORK. A real one. A metal one. A sharp one. A fork, people!

She looked up at me with her startled blue eyes, her bottom lip started to quiver, she hung her head and shoulders low, and she walked in the other room with gut-wrenching sobs wracking her little body.

Well, now. She stabbed me with a fork! But what did I do next? It defies reason. It's unexplainable, really. What did I do?

I apologized. For scaring her. When I screamed. BECAUSE SHE STABBED ME WITH A FORK!

I have no idea why she gets away with stuff like this...

JoAnn  – (5/13/2008 07:21:00 PM)  

Oh, that's just too funny. My 6 and 8 year olds and I enjoyed your little story. She's a cutie too.

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