I Got My Garden In!


I'll tell ya what...it is MUCH easier to do things like plant a garden and two flats of annuals when you're not waddling around pregnant! As much as I enjoyed being pregnant, it sure it nice to have my body back.

Here's what I planted this year:

3 tomatoes
1 red pepper
4 jalapeno
3 rows of carrots
3 rows of red onions
1 row of corn
2 pea bushes (who knew they came as a bush these days?!)
3 zucchini
an then we have raspberries coming in too

What are you planting?

I had a blast helping my two big kids plant their very own gardens this year. Hubby sectioned off a part of the garden for each of them, and they sorted through the seed packets to choose what they wanted to plant. I can't wait to see how they enjoy watching the fruits of their labor begin to sprout!

I found the best garden glove this year: the Wells Lamont latex coated glove. They give protection from nasty thorns, keep my nails relatively free from dirt, are latex coated so I can really grip with them, are thin enough that I can move my hands naturally, are also thin enough that they're not hot, AND they have a fairly tight fitting cuff so that stuff doesn't end up in my glove. They're not exactly pretty, but I love them! I had to buy a men's size because the women's were too small for me. Does that mean I have "man hands"? I hope not.

I have a great gardening tip for you. I can sum it up in two words : Miracle. Grow.

You organic gardeners out there probably aren't all that impressed with me right now, but I love the stuff! I just sprinkle a little bit of the blue powder in the bottom of the hole, mix it in with the dirt (so bare root doesn't come into contact with the fertilizer), plant my plant, and water thoroughly. I also sprinkle a little bit into the trenches when I plant seeds.

Leave a comment and share your favorite gardening tips!

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