The Gospel Of Jesus Sure Causes A Stink!

I've been spending my free time reading A New Earth, and discussing it on Oprah's message boards. My, oh my...I don't exactly feel welcome!

My friend Becky always reminds me that "the Gospel is offensive". Based solely on people's reaction to my comments on the message boards, I'd definitely have to agree.

Have you noticed how the Gospel is always, always, always met with resistance?

I am trying to keep things simple. There are lots of points that the author makes in his book that I don't agree with...but I'm trying to ignore them as petty arguments. What I can not, and will not ignore, however, are the things being said about Jesus.

Tolle (the author of ANE), makes Jesus out to be nothing more than a highly enlightened individual who was operating on a higher level of consciousness...or something like that.

And although that sounds all spiritual and makes Jesus out to be so much less than who he really is.

Folks - I'm only just past chapter one...ONE! I'm going to keep reading and keep participating in the message boards. It just grieves me too much to see Jesus being washed out...I can't ignore what's going on in those discussions! The truth of the Gospel is being lost in all this discussion of "self".

If you're up for it, please join me. I'm pretty overwhelmed with just reading the comments and trying to respond.

beBOLDjen  – (3/03/2008 03:16:00 PM)  

Daiquiri- remember Matthew 11:12-From the days of John the Baptist until now, the kingdom of heaven has been forcefully advancing, and forceful men lay hold of it.

Perhaps you will have to forcefully fight the temptation to shrink away because of the ciriticism. Instead reject the criticism and do not let it get to you. Refuse to let it harden your responses to people who do not yet know Christ. Instead be filled with Christ dear sister!! Fight of discouragemnt and any feelings of defeat for surely God's Word is always victorious.

You are baing salt and light. Don't grow weary. The enemy wants you to think you are THE only one, but surely God is with you! I pray others will leave the salt shaker and help lighten your load.

If i didn't have more on my plate than I should right now I certainly would. I am praying for someone to join you today!

Anonymous –   – (3/03/2008 06:04:00 PM)  

Calledblst,this is markie7 on the oprah boards,I have comments in :talking about chapter 1(subtext=Dear Christian readers)I have Concerns with pg.17 can you read it see if it makes sense,I commend you for your witness and pray like when Moses was fighting and the Guys had to hold his arms up,when his arms dropped he started to lose,I'm praying your arms don't drop,The Rock who is Christ Jesus Will hold you firm,his Word And His Mercy Endures forever,Peace be With You,Markie7

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