Bath Time

I thought I'd better get some pictures of the grand kids up before the Grandparents revolt!

Thomas LOVES his bath. With four kids to bathe, bath time is an event at our house. We all gather in our master bath, where there is, mercifully, a huge tub and a shower. Ben likes to shower "like a growed-up man"...the girls like the tub. Thomas joined the girls in the tub the other day. It was fun for everyone :)

Getting ready for the bath~
I'm ready...get my cold and naked hiney in that tub!
Hey, how's it goin'?~
I love my bath! I think my eyes might pop out of my head...what did you put in that bath water anyway?~
Hey Big Brother!~

beBOLDjen  – (3/03/2008 03:03:00 PM)  

Your kids are so beautiful! All so precious. Thomas is a doll baby!

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