Wasn't Yesterday Fun and Uplifting?

My...if you're back after my oh-so-fun posts yesterday about abortion and suffering. Well, you should get some sort of award! I musta been in a mood...

It's pretty quiet around here today. Do you think I live a terribly interesting life? Nope. It's all about naps, diapers, dishes and laundry around here. And every now and then I get a chance to hop on the computer to say hi to you. That is, if I don't want to shower instead. Hmm...escape into my little cyber world...or bathe? Tough choice. Unfortunately for my family, I choose you over bathing a little too often.

Too much info?

What I'm really dying for is this gloomy weather to lift. I need flowers and sunshine and kids playing in the yard. Not only will we finally get rid of these endless colds and get out of the house...but I'll have more subjects to take pictures of. Pretty slim pickins when it's grey and gloomy all the time. Maybe I'll just talk some more about suffering. How 'bout the death penalty? Or...ooo...end times?! Let's talk about the book of Revelations!

Just kidding.

Well, Sammy needs her poor, raw, running nose wiped again. She's so stuffed up, she keeps calling me "Bobby"...she doesn't understand my giggles, but that doesn't stop me.

I might have a little more nap left in Thomas that I can do this AND bathe...ooo...the luxury! Mabye I'll hit the bonbons next!

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