Thanks A Bunch, Biggest Loser!

We like to watch a little TV before bed at night. We all snuggle in, have a snack, and watch some family friendly TV.

Lately, we've been enjoying "Biggest Loser". I figure it's good for my kids to see people working hard to have a healthy body. The only part I don't really like is the commercials! Man, it's incredible...what they can put on TV at 7 in the evening!

Well, I might be rethinking the idea that BL is good family TV.

Tonight Clara turned to me and said, "Mom, you should exercise more."

"What? Why?"

"You just should."

"Well, why do you think I should?"

"So you can get skinnier."

"Why do you think I need to lose weight?"

"I don't know. You should just be skinnier, that's all."

"Well. I think I'm pretty good, actually. I'd rather be healthy and strong than skinny. How about you? Which do you think is better, being healthy and strong or being skinny?"

"Healthy and strong."

"Yeah, I think that's a good choice. Pass the popcorn, please."

Now, I'm not what I used to be. Truth be told, I'd like to lose at least 10 pounds...15 would be even better. But from the time that Clara was toddling around, sat on our bathroom scale, and saw numbers flashing, she heard the words "You weigh (insert #)...Just right for a healthy and strong Clara!"

And then it would be my turn. I'd step on the scale, and read the number to her. Then I'd say, "Just right for a healthy and strong Mommy!"

And I do not obsess about my weight. I weigh myself MAYBE once per week, and it's almost always in private. I've been very careful to try and instill the "healthy and strong" mantra into my kids' heads! My goal is for them to look at whatever their number is when they're adults and automatically think "Just. Right. Healthy. Strong." I want them to focus on the blessings of their body and all that they can do in this life with the incredible gift of their body...not always be focusing on "better, more, exercise, not good enough, should be..."

So needless to say, I was pretty surprised to hear Clara saying that I should be "skinnier".

I don't know...I guess it was a good teachable moment for Clara tonight (and for me too!). But what do you think? Do you think "Biggest Loser" is a good show for kids to be watching?

Anonymous –   – (2/27/2008 12:36:00 PM)  

Mommy I think you are perfect just as you are!!!! Beautiful inside and out!

Becky Avella  – (2/27/2008 12:57:00 PM)  

I wish that I had never allowed my kids to watch Biggest Loser. They were never aware of people's bodies or their own until they watched the show, and we only watched it two times. There was an immediate change in their perceptions afterwards. Just MHO.

Theresa  – (2/27/2008 01:20:00 PM)  

My kids are allowed to watch 'Dirty Jobs' and 'Cash Cab' and Disney, PBS, Nic. & Cartoon network. I am a t.v. hawk so certain 'kid' shows are not allowed either. I don't watch Biggest Loser so I can't comment on it. Theresa

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