More Pics For Grandma & Grandpa

Clara is sure loving being a cowgirl pink boots, real felt cowgirl hat, and even a pony in a purse! She's quite the spunky little thang! (And is terribly proud of her bubble blowing abilities too)

Ben was in a school production lately. His kinder class sang some of the songs in the schools "Peter Pan" play. Ben dressed as an indian for the he is ready to hit the stage.

Check out this set! And this is only a very small part...there was also a pirate ship, shimmering water, sparkling stars. I was so impressed with the set for this elementary school play.

You should have seen Sammy yesterday. There was something about her just seemed to float around her in a cloud of soft curls. I tried to capture it on "film", but just couldn't quite get it right. Sorry for the back light shot...

Theresa  – (2/26/2008 07:16:00 PM)  

How can that little face do anything wrong ever! She is just precious. I want to eat her up. Have a good night. Theresa

Anonymous –   – (2/27/2008 08:13:00 AM)  

I'm pretty sure the titles are a set up. When I see anything that says something like...for grandparents...I feel obligated to comment.

Photos and video are great.

I look at this site (almost) every day.

For you younger guys with daughters this is proof positive that in your eyes your little girls never grow up; and they'll always have you wrapped around their little finger.


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