Stylin' Sammy

Ahhh, my little Sammy Cakes. What a strange nick name, eh? Well, I used to call her "Baby Cakes" when she was just evolved.

This little girl has stolen my crazy heart. Her favorite phrase lately is "I-oh-WAN-to!", said with big pouty lips and a twinkle in her beautiful blue eye...and maybe a flash of a dimple. For those of you who don't know Sammy-speak, that's "I don't want to!" Hey, she's two after all.

She has been a little joy-spreader from the day she was born. She has her Daddy's laid back and easy to love personality (lucky girl!), and she's just so stinkin' beautiful! I'm not kidding about her being a joy-spreader. She really gets people to smile every where...EVERY where...she goes. It's fun to watch. I can't believe God gave her to me!

I just had to take some pictures of her this morning. We dropped big sis off at school, and then I did some errands with the little ones. Sammy was decked out! She was clomping around in her red cowgirl boots...which nicely accentuated her leopard print coat...which flowed oh-so-elegantly with her purple pants and raga-muffin hair. She of course, had a big smile on her face the entire time!

And what's that I see in her hand? Oh! She has a little of me in her after all...that's her beloved Elmo camera!

I wish I had been taking video actually. She's clearly not accustomed to wearing any kind of heel on her shoe...she dropped her camera at the drug store this morning, and when she bent over to pick it up, she toppled right over! She got up, giggled, and said "boots, Mama, boots!"

I'm so glad that I don't feel the need to make my kids look perfectly pulled together everywhere we go. I typically like clean hands and faces, and mostly combed hair...but if I always chose what they wore ('cause we all know what a fashion expert I am - ha! I'm still expecting the "What Not To Wear" folks to knock on my door any day)...we'd all miss out on moments like this with Sammy.

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