Strike a Pose Baby Boy!

If you haven't been able to tell already...I love taking photos! I'm really enjoying my new digital SLR. My kids have become pretty accustomed to seeing me and my camera in their face lately!

Thomas took a nice long nap this morning, and I fed him as soon as he woke up. He was refreshed with a warm and full tummy...PLUS the light was good because it was sort of an overcast day here today. It was a perfect time for a "photo shoot"! I put a cozy blanket on our ottoman and made room in the living room by the window. At first he was all smiles...until I started clicking away, and then he gave me mostly "what the heck is that" looks. I think I got some beautiful shots though. The one posted above is my favorite (at least for now), and will go up on our wall as soon as I get to Costco to pick it up.

Have I mentioned how much I love my camera?

Oh, that reminds me. I'm feeling pretty proud of myself tonight. The kids and I went to a friend's house for playgroup yesterday and I brought my new love, I mean, camera. We all sat and chatted, and I just sat and clicked away. Most of the shots didn't turn out. It was a little to dark and the kids a little too busy, so I got lots of blur (gotta get this exposure thing figured out). But I got some really nice ones. My friends (the moms) really liked the pictures...I'm so flattered and touched!

Have I mentioned yet that I just really love my new camera?

I've been thinking tonight about what kind of business I could make of this (I'm always thinking about what kind of business I could make of something or another). I think 'in home' photography would be a valuable service to offer, don't you? Personally, I never take my kids into the studios to get pictures done because the thought of coordinating 4 nap, snack, and diaper schedules, and getting them all gussied up, out the door, sitting nicely for a stranger that's more likely to make them cry than smile...well, that's pretty much my definition of a nightmare! But if someone were to come to my house on my terms and schedule - now that might be a different story!

My question is this: how much would I charge for a service like that? Any ideas out there? I'd love your input!

I forget...did I mention...I LOVE MY NEW CAMERA!

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