He Actually Reads This Stuff!

I just learned that my husband reads all of my posts! I figured he would have had enough of my ramblings by now. I guess not!

He says he likes to find out what's going on in my head in small, understandable chunks, on his schedule, and without having to actually talk to me. He was kidding...I think?! No really...he was kidding, I'm sure of it...I think.

Actually - he told me how I could explain it. He says he doesn't have time to talk to me because he's too busy doing housework. Now THAT...that I'm sure he's kidding about!

For those of you who know my husband, you know that I'm joking. Yes, he does read my posts...and yes, this is news to me. But my dear sweet man...well, he makes other husbands just plain look BAD (are you blushing yet, hubby?). He's tall, handsome, a great daddy, and a hard worker. He's also creative, funny, sweet, considerate, and very thoughtful. He listens to me ramble even when it involves me (gasp!) crying OR talking to him during a game. And on top of all that, he really does do lots of housework. He's great in lots of other ways too, but I'll stop now because I'm sure I've embarrassed him enough...

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