New Holiday Tradition

Last year after Thanksgiving I showed my big kids how to cut paper snowflakes. We had so much fun, that we just kept making them for hours. I decided at the last minute to tape them in our front windows. I was so happy with how they looked! We even had compliments from the neighbors (looks pretty from the inside too). It looks especially nice when it's starting to get dark outside and we have the lights on inside. What a frugal and unique way to decorate the house for the holidays!

So it's official...we did it again this year and we're calling it a Tradition with a capital "T". The kids still love it (they've been pestering me since June to do it again!). I'm looking forward to next year when Samantha will be old enough to use scissors and join in the fun.

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Great idea! I think we may try that today! I am home for the 3rd day in a row because Zach has had major diarrhea. I am so sick of cleaning up poop! And I'm going a little stir crazy, snowflakes sound like a fun way to break up the stinky monotony!


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