Getting On With Life...

Leave it to me to jump right into personal stuff on my 2nd post! I guess it's about writing what's on your mind though, right?

Some might not appreciate the picture this time...not very dignified, some might say. I disagree though. I think pregnancy is beautiful, and I loved being pregnant. I especially loved it this last time around knowing that it would be my last time being "in the family way."

We won't be having any more children. Four is enough for us...I feel at my wits end most days as it is! We love babies and kids around here, and it's tempting to have a whole boat-load of 'em. Heck, we're already way past the point of ever having a tidy house again anyway! But we decided that we need to stop if we're going to do a good job by the kids we've already been blessed with. We want to be really...annoyingly, even...involved in our kids' lives. We just can't do that if we have more. This all makes perfect logical sense to me.

So why couldn't I stop crying when I knew our decision was final? I just kept thinking "It went too fast!", and "I'm never going to be pregnant again!", and "I'm never going to have another baby with this wonderful man!" It seemed that I looked forward to pregnancy and new babies my whole life, and suddenly it was over!

But then I look at my amazing children. They are more than pregnancies and new babies. They are people. How can I think for a minute that it's over? It's just begining! I have the rest of my life (Please, Lord) to enjoy these amazing children.

And to be honest, it feels really good to be "done" these days. I know who we need to save for college for. I know how many bedrooms we'll need. I know that we can all fit into a vehicle together. I know that I can start selling/throwing away/giving away my baby and maternity clothes. I know how many stockings are going to be hung on our mantle each year. And it feels really good...really peaceful...really settled to know all of that.

So here's to selling the play-saucer! Here's to Getting On With Life...

Becky Avella  – (12/11/2007 08:41:00 PM)  

I love your new blog! I'm so excited to see you share your heart and mind with all of us.

I'm totally jealous of this photo. Who looks that good pregnant? No one would have dared take a picture of my pregnant belly, that's for sure!!!

I guess I'll forgive you for being beautiful.

Love always,

Anonymous –   – (12/11/2007 11:14:00 PM)  

Hi Daiquiri,

You and Becky are two amazing jealous! The very thought of blogging makes me feel like I've stepped out naked in front of a million people!
I have to agree with Becky about the belly! NO ONE, would have wanted to see my huge, road map-stretch marked pregnant belly! I still bear the scars! Joel didn't even want to come near me! He is not into pregnant chicks! Probably too much information, right? I was so grateful to be pregnant, but in many ways it was a very scary and uncomfortable experience, especially at the end with diabetes and that dreadful rash! I have to say though that the day I gave birth was one of the most beautiful days of my life, start to finish. Every detail was perfect and it still brings tears to my eyes, I will cherish that day forever.


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