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Remember when I told you about my new and improved Etsy shop?

One of the main reasons I started it back up is to have a place to share this amazing stuff :-) 

Listen, I turned 50 recently.  

My body seems to have no idea what it's supposed to be doing lol

My skin is a major culprit.  Is it dry?  Oily? Wrinkly? Saggy? Acne prone? Sensitive?

Who the heck knows anymore!

Meanwhile (or rather because of), my hormones are ALL over the place.

I had to finally come to terms and go see my doctor about what was going on with me...the joint pain, lack of sleep, hot flashes...what do the kids say?  I think it's something like IYKYK (if you know you know)...see kids, I'm not in the grave yet ;-)

My doctor said that at the rate I was going, I was being set up for loss of bone AND BRAIN mass at a younger than normal age.


He prescribed a low dose estrogen patch that I put on my skin.  I literally felt like my old self again within 48 hours of starting it.  A modern day miracle.

But one day as I was applying this tiny little patch...literally smaller than my thumb struck me how amazingly impactful this TINY little thing on my skin was.  All at once, I had a fuller understanding of just how absorbent my skin is. 

I always thought of my skin as a BARRIER, not a sponge!  But there I was, absorbing the ingredients of that medicine through my skin.

Suddenly, the products I'd been using on my skin seemed very, very important.

Especially the products that I apply and leave on all day - the cleansers seem slightly less important simply because they're on my skin so temporarily.

You've probably seen tallow as a major skincare ingredient's all the rage at the moment.  

As I read about the benefits of tallow on human skin, I knew I had to try it. 

I got my hands on a local butcher, and bought some tallow.  I rendered it down, added a little olive oil, and applied to my skin.


My skin became SO happy!  

This was literally a skincare product I could eat...and not just survive, but draw actual nutritional benefit from.  Crazy!

So I kept playing with it.  The first batch I made was pretty firm and difficult to rub in.  So was the second batch, plus it smelled weird haha.  But I tweaked it until I found something that works AND that I enjoy.

It's smooth, absorbs quickly, doesn't leave me feeling greasy, and it smells nice.  And a little bit goes a LONG way, so a couple ounces lasts me months when I'm using it 2x a day.

Bottom line...I created a finished balm that is AHHHHHmazing, if I do say so myself ;-)

I created it strictly for me with zero intention of selling it - and then I saw a young woman at church who was struggling with a terribly painful eczema flare on her face.  She was miserable.  So I transferred some of my balm to a little jam jar, and gave it to her hoping it would help....and it did!

She loved it so much, that she told one of her friends about it who was dealing with a horrible acne breakout.  I was skeptical, but hopeful that it would help her too.  I shared a little tin of it with her...and she loved it too!

Then my nephew had some sort of tender irritated patch on his guessed it, it worked like a charm for him.

And a friend who was battling a terrible razor burn type of rash...more calmed skin!

And another friend's daughter who was feeling embarrassed about her acne...more relief!

So here we are - this image is of the most recent batch I made - I have 12 tins available.  Supply is quite limited because I can only get my hands on so much tallow at a time, and it's a TON of work to render it down.

This is not some sort of high-pressured sales tactic ...just the logistical facts.  First come, first served :-) 

I hope you love it too! 

You can find it here:  DaiqRose Calm Balm on Etsy

ox DaiqRose

To be clear: I am NOT a doctor or even a scientist.  I'm just a SAHM who whipped some tallow balm up in her kitchen for her own personal use, and it ended up helping others. This is NOT medical advice or any type of prescriptive advice.  This is strictly personal testimony.  

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