Working From Home While Kids On Summer Break!

Download my "Summer Printable for Work From Home Moms" here:  Summer Printable

Summer is here!!  I'm not new to this rodeo, so I know from personal experience that if I don't put a little planning and structure around the next few months with my kids home from school and my husband and I being self-employed entrepreneurs, it won't be pretty.

The kids will wander around with popsicles in their hands and a big wide open beautiful yard...and they'll ask me 4,377 times each hour "mom, what should I DO?", and when I make a suggestion they'll say, "Noooo, I want to do something FUN, what ELSE should I do?"

Cue my eyes rolling back into my head, a deeply frustrated moan escaping my lips, and the top of my head exploding with the (self imposed) pressure of making their summer vacation magical and memorable!

The two oldest are teenagers who can simply hop in the car and go catch a movie with their friends, so I'm not feeling any sort of responsibility for them having fun.  My biggest thing for them is making sure they stay safe, get enough sleep, hug their mama each day, and do some chores from time to time.

This is also our last summer with our oldest before he's a college student (gasp hic sob) some good quality family time with him is also a top priority for me (seriously, I can't think about it).

With THAT in mind, I want to remember that time with these amazing babies of mine is SHORT.  It doesn't need to be *magical*....but I also don't want it to just slip away every day.

I don't want to just get through the summer with them, I want to really ENJOY good time with them.

AND... mama needs to keep the business going too ;-)

Working from home is a true gift of time freedom....but I still haven't found the magic pixie dust that requires nothing more than wishing real hard and seeing business suddenly explode - WORKING from home is actually WORK.

(if anyone tries to tell you things like "it's easy" or "I just wash my face/take my supplements/clean with special products and talk about it" or "the product sells itself" they are LYING TO YOUR FACE haha! That's a convo for another day...)

So I decided to sit down today and come up with a printable that contains 3 things:
1.  A basic list of daily stuff for our summer days....a loose "schedule" without times attached to allow for sleeping in

2. A list of "stuff to do for fun"...everything from going to the zoo and painting rocks...if they can't come up with something to do on their own or with this list, then truly...all hope is lost haha

3.  MY "Mind, Body, Soul, Space" list...I want my kids to do at least ONE thing from each of those categories each day.  Something for their mind (workbook, reading, etc), something for their body (brush teeth and take a walk would be good), something for their soul (connect with God in prayer, worship, journal, etc), and something to take care of our shared space (make their bed, mow the lawn, empty the dishwasher) a bare minimum, they'll be mostly healthy and whole by the end of the summer instead of their brains and bodies turning to mush ;-)

So here you go, friend. No opting in, no email exchange, no phone number or name required...simply click, download, and print it up!

Personally, I've got this on my fridge for easy reference for when my kids hit me tomorrow with "I'm bored!" ;-)   Have a fun, relaxing, and productive time with those kids, mama!

Download my "Summer Printable for Work From Home Moms" here:  Summer Printable

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