Call To Write

My brain is spinning in the best possible way!

I am called to write. 

There, I said it out loud.

I suppose I know deep down that I always felt drawn to putting my thoughts in writing, but man the Lord must absolutely roll his eyes with an exasperated sigh sometimes when it comes to me haha!

It's so amazing how God works...I've been feeling more and more compelled to write lately, so of course, I asked for some sort of sign that I was stepping in the right direction and in the past 9 months...

(1) Someone with a prophetic gift spoke creativity over me and told me to release my voice

(2) A friend said "wow, you need to write some of your stories - people need to hear what you just shared with me"

(3) I was praying with a new friend at a recent conference and he said "oh yeah, I see a book in your future"

(4) God spoke to me in a dream saying "leave space for my creativity through you"

(5) Another friend I was praying with kept saying "you are NOT have a voice....share it!"

(6) Another (different) person with a  prophetic gift spoke words of "creativity", "flow", "you have a voice", even "The time to write is now"!!

(7) Another Word from the Lord...."Do not be ashamed of the Gospel....I have not given you a Spirit of fear...Tell what I have done for you so that I become known"

And still, I sat around thinking "Gee, if only I'd have a really good solid SIGN from the Lord" haha!  I'll tell ya....someone could have hired a plane to write "Daiquiri, IT'S TIME TO WRITE" in the sky and I probably would've still doubted haha!

I believe, my unbelief!

It reminds me of trying to get my youngest to bed..."Thomas, put your PJs on"...."Thomas, it's time for bed"...."Thomas, but the book down and get ready for bed"....and on and on it goes!

Honestly, I was wrestling so hard with the reality of this call to write that I didn't even tell my husband about it.  He's always been sort of my litmus test.  I often ask the Lord to confirm something through my husband, and it doesn't feel like much of a confirmation from the Lord if I prompt him for it.

And then...

(8) My husband was out having some alone time while he did errands.  He came home fired UP saying, "Oh boy, do I have news for you!  I think you're going to like it!"

"Daiquiri, it's time for you to write.  I know you've thought about it for years and you've always loved writing.  But stop over thinking.  Don't worry about the logistics of books or websites....just fire up your old blog and WRITE.  God will do with it what He will.  You just write!" THAT is pretty hard to deny haha!

Thank you, Lord....for your patience and clarity.  This girl of yours needed all that encouragement.

So, today is the day.  Today I "fire up the old blog" and put words out there.

Let it be to your glory, Father.  Let the world light up as I share how you've taught me recently....pruned me...weeded me...revealed YOURSELF to me.  Help us to know you better.  Help us hear your voice clearly.  Help us be radically obedient to your call (without 8 "signs" from now on!).

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