Can't Keep Up!

I have the happy problem of having so many fun and wonderful things going on in my life that I simply can not document them all.  I know, you feel terrible for me, don't you? ;-)

Let's seee....First and foremost, we have a very full house right now!  My husband's brother and his family moved in with us.  Yes....moved IN.  They're going to be here for about 6 months while they purchase a piece of land and build a house.  Thankfully, I love them to bits, our kids love each other, and we have a big house!  They've been here about a month now, and I'm loving it.

Sorry for so many blurry pictures.  I've definitely gone over to the dark's just so much easier to shoot a quick photo with my phone than it is to lug my big camera around, then transfer everything!  Just another reason I really want that new phone....better camera resolution. Here are some snapshots of life at our house lately....notice the love busting through every picture :-)

Nick and Esther

Sammy with Stella

Thomas and Milo - good buddies

Thomas's 5th birthday (!!) was extra fun with family to celebrate with us

Cracking up!
And YESTERDAY....a new little addition....Meet Sadie Lynn:

So this is who's living at our house right now:
4 adults
7 kids ages: 10,9,6,5,5,3,one day

W.O.W. :-)

Let's see....what else?

My kids are all doing wonderful.  Ben has started the cello, which I'm loving.  Here's a video of him tinkering around even before lessons began:

Ben, Clara, and Sammy are all excellent students -- learning and growing and just happy busy little people.  I'm so proud of them all!

Thomas -- my baby -- turned FIVE!  Unreal!

We had a wonderful time celebrating our spunky little joyful man!  First, we had a celebration with his friends....homemade power ranger pinata, cupcakes, gifts, and games.

My Luke is such an amazing Daddy -- eternally patient and always
looking for fun things to do with the kids :-)

Movin' on up from the scoot bike to a big boy bike with pedals!

Then, on the actual day of his birthday (which is a school and work day for the rest of our family), Thomas and I had a sweet day of fun and snuggles.  We spent 3 hours building a Lego space shuttle in the morning (I love that he still has his chubby little baby boy fingers and cheeks):

Then we met Daddy at McDonald's for lunch....of course, as always, the box is the best part:

And then we went to the Boise Aquarium for an afternoon of petting sharks and "oohing" and "ahhing" over all the amazing creatures we saw:

This little boy of mine is such an incredible joy.  I sincerely don't think there's been a day since he's been on this earth that I haven't smiled and/or laughed out loud.  He's busy, joyful, affectionate, smart, and thoughtful.  Thomas.....I love you to bits, and I'm so very proud of you!!

A snapshot of my Thomas as a 5 year old:

See why I'm always smiling? :-)

Whew....this has been a marathon post....and I've barely caught up!  'Till another day...

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